My God! My country is using poison gas in Iraq
We've weaponized uranium gas

By Bob Nichols
Online Journal Contributing Writer

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August 6, 2004�Radioactive, poison gas made from uranium was recommended to the American military in 1943, during World War II, by atom bomb builders working on the Manhattan Project run by Gen Leslie Groves.

Sixty one years later deadly, radioactive, poisonous, weaponized uranium oxide gas plays a vital role in implementing the "Total Worldwide Domination Plan" as practiced by the neocons and President [sic] Bush. It is entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses" and was written in September 2000 by the neocon think tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

That would be the American government's Cheney and the Pentagon's Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, and Feith, the most hated men in the world, the Gang of Four.

What is weaponized uranium oxide gas? It's any high velocity bullet or shell, any High Explosive Bomb or missile made with uranium metal. The uranium components turn into uranium oxide gas after the high velocity bullet or shell penetrates anything solid and explodes, as much as 80 percent of it ignites, burns, and aerosolizes into tiny, tiny radioactive pieces and floats in the air as a gas, blown about by the wind. They can stay airborne for years and be re-suspended for years, over and over again.

Missiles and bombs that explode as planned are blasted into uranium gas by the bomb's high explosive (HE). Pretty simple really. Once the uranium metal is worked into the business end of a bullet, tank shell, bomb, or missile the uranium oxide gas is "weaponized," and ready to go.

The feedstock uranium that's manufactured into war munitions is processed one time to purify it. Less than one half of one percent, a tiny impurity, is removed to make thermonuclear bombs and nuclear reactor cores. This leaves more than 99.8 percent of the uranium for bullets and bombs.

The uranium is fully 88 percent as radioactive as it was before it was processed. The Gang of Four cynically calls this uranium "depleted" as if everything is okay with it; it is safe; it has been depleted; there is no problem with it. No problem! To top it off and make it worse, America's academics dutifully talk about and study "Depleted Uranium,"* at retreats and seminars, thus keeping the Big Lie alive for the millions of common folk who long for some straight answers from academe.

This so-called Depleted Uranium is what the American government is using to make sniper bullets, tank shells, bombs, and cruise missiles. And, the American government just ordered some more depleted uranium weapons. It only takes a few months to rearm. Who's next? Iran? Syria?

The 70-ton 1,500-HP workhorse M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank actually deliver up to eight pounds of poisonous uranium oxide gas per high velocity shell fired. The Abrams Death Machines fired many thousands of the 10-pound uranium "penetrator rods� during the Gulf Rape of Iraq turkey shoot. They are fully 18 inches long and three-quarters of an inch wide. That's the real name, too, "penetrator rods." It's an Abu Ghraib for the entire country.

The American president [sic] (Bush) stated that the International Criminal Court's (Re: War Crimes) jurisdiction does not apply to America's leaders or the military. Presidential translation: Go for it, dudes! Result: 4 million pounds of uranium munitions poisoned Iraq with radioactive gas and dust, rendering large parts of it uninhabitable. We Americans have already successfully killed Iraqis as yet unborn with radiation-induced birth defects and cancers. This same uranium oxide gas, of course, is also sickening and killing our kids and friends in the Army in Iraq.

Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, former Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy, calculated that the radiation in 4 million pounds of uranium is the equivalent of that in 250,000 unexploded Nagasaki Plutonium Bombs.[1] That would be the bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, three days after the Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima August 6, 1945. This current Iraq Nuclear Radiation War was announced in the United States in the article "There Are No Words" by this writer on on March 27, 2004.[2]

But, using uranium munitions is a war crime. As Vice President [sic] Cheney would say, "Big Time!" That would be a major problem for less dedicated countries than the United States. That is not a show-stopper for Bush, the neocons, or the American military. The military is taught to refuse to follow orders that embrace war crimes because they aren't legal. They failed America and the entire world.

My God! Have the Gang of Four no humanity? Are they some kind of unfeeling aliens from a Hollywood horror movie? The invisible, odorless, tasteless uranium oxide poison gas in the air can't be controlled or even seen! It's as dangerous to our kids and neighbors in the Army shooting it as it is to the "enemy" Iraqis. What's more, it migrates with the wind. This means it will soon be in all countries within 1,000 miles of Iraq. This includes America's ally, the state of Israel.

Nazi Germany had the political will in WWII to commit war crimes. The Germans finally settled on Zyklon B Gas to exterminate six million Jews during the cruel reign of the Third Reich. Zyklon B was "effective" but lacked a long "killing trail." After Jews in the gas chamber or mobile van were killed, the deadly gas was withdrawn and the corpses removed from the chamber or van. Nazi SS soldiers were required to dispense more Zyklon B to the next killing cluster. Effective killer, short killing trail.

Well, America is nothing if not relentless. Specifically, a 1943 memo to Gen Groves recommended uranium oxide gas be used as a gas warfare instrument to kill people and to contaminate land. The memo did raise the problem that the radioactive uranium gas could not be controlled and was, and is still, dangerous to our own kids and friends: the American Troopers.[3] It would be another 30 years before that hurdle was publicly demolished.

In 1973 in General Alexander Haig's presence, Henry Kissinger, the National Security Advisor, referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.[4] Kissinger set the public stage for the war managers to sacrifice the gullible, but patriotic and "stupid" American Troopers to the use of weaponized uranium oxide gas. American General Norman Schwarzkopf from the First Gulf War stated they were not told anything about harmful uranium munitions.

Uranium gas also is a good deal for the Bush administration because it has built in plausible deniability. Depending on the uranium gas dose the American Troopers get, they can be expected to sicken and die over a period days, months, and years. There is no minimum dose that is harmless. Inhaling as little as one gram over a year means the equivalent of one X-Ray per hour for the rest of their shortened lives. Each gram in the lung shoots 12,000 little bullets per minute, forever, at the lung cells next to it. What do you think is going to happen to the lung cells? All radiation counts.

The ensuing Veteran's Administration disability payment requests can be denied for years while the "dumb, stupid," used up vets conveniently and obligingly die off. The former American Trooper's painful deaths go virtually unnoticed scattered across the North American continent in some 7,000 American hospitals and among 300 million people.

Collaborating VA doctors merely chant, "You can't prove it," when confronted by hundreds of thousands of sick and dying Troopers. Anyway, all the well-paid necon or timid doctors need do is delay. The invisible, deadly, ever-present radiation does the rest.

To say the least, the American military and its wealthy helpmates in the private weapons industry have resolutely and definitively solved the Nazi killing trail problem. Weaponized Uranium Oxide Gas, when used properly, packs a killing trail up to a truly majestic 4.5 billion years. In fact, that pretty well qualifies as "forever" in most American classrooms studying "Total Worldwide Domination Theory."

Instinctively racist in nature, the political decision makers, Bush and the neocons with a supporting crew of weak-minded Democrats, decided that the Iraqi race had to go. It's an inescapable conclusion to any fair-minded person contemplating the purposeful use of Four Million pounds of uranium on Iraq. That's cold-blooded genocide.

Get a group of your friends together some lazy Sunday afternoon and appoint yourselves as a Pentagon Procurement Committee. Would you chose uranium munitions for our Troopers to use in Iraq? Put your own ending to this article here.

A lot of people in the States have done everything we can think of to stop these nuclear radiation wars, uranium poison gas, and the the use of uranium as a munition. We've tried and failed for years. Failed! There are no excuses for our collective failures. Why don't you give it a try? Can't hurt anything! View this Flash animation, "Poison Fire USA," by Russell Hoffman to see the animated history of 60 years of major nuclear activities in the continental United States. It will amaze you. These events all lead up to recklessly using uranium munitions in Iraq.

For further expert scientific information, read former Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist Leuren Moret's: "Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War."

Do you have a solution? Then write what steps you would take to turn this situation around. If you represent your country at the United Nations General Assembly, be creative. Who else is going to stop the United States from committing genocide? Send it to me at this address. I'll publish it, as appropriate, and maybe we all can make it happen:

*Depleted Uranium is the result of a step in the process of creating enriched uranium for nuclear power plant reactor cores and thermonuclear bombs, commonly called Hydrogen Bombs and Neutron Bombs. The uranium impurity used in bombs and reactor cores is about .711 of one percent of natural uranium, a tiny amount. Like iodine in salt, except it kills everything. Processing natural uranium removes about half of the bomb making material. It is then called Depleted Uranium by the powers that be because it can no longer be used to make bombs; but it is used to make bullets and shells instead. The Depleted Uranium is fully 88 percent as radioactive in total radiation as the original uranium. There are an estimated 1.5 billion pounds of Depleted Uranium at U.S. nuclear weapons labs and related facilities (Bomb Factories) in the US. The word depleted does not mean the uranium is safe or okay to use, it means it has been processed, that's all. Perhaps a less deceptive name would be "12 percent depleted uranium." The familiar 60 percent depleted uranium figure refers to what is called "Alpha" radiation only

1. Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat's paper presented at a medical conference in New Delhi, India, February 29, March 1�2, 2004 titled "Silent WMDs - Effects of Depleted Uranium."

2. This radiation war was announced in the United States by the article "There Are No Words" by writer Bob Nichols on on March 27, 2004.

3. Summary of the report of the Committee, Dr. James B. Conant, Chairman.

4. Kissinger's quote regarding military men comes from Chapter 14 of �The Final Days,� which extensively discusses Al Haig, Kissinger and other Nixon staff advisors' negotiations and differences over national security issues during the 1969�1974 period. The exact, direct quote marks begin with the word 'dumb' and terminate after the word 'used'. Source: Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein, �The Final Days,� second Touchstone paperback edition (1994), Chapter 14, pp. 194�195.

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Bob Nichols writes in Oklahoma City and is occasionally a contributing writer for,,,,, and other online publications. Mr. Nichols is a contributor to The Oklahoma Observer newspaper. He is a member of CASE�Citizens' Action for Safe Energy. CASE has successfully killed two serious, well-funded attempts to build Nuclear Power Plants in Oklahoma and several attempts to site what is now known as the "Yucca Mountain Used Reactor Core Dump" in Oklahoma. All these efforts to build nuclear facilities have failed. CASE won every time.

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