Oklahoma first in war crime weapons
Fallujah leveled by uranium weapons from Oklahoma

By Bob Nichols
Online Journal Contributing Writer

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OKLAHOMA CITY, February 12, 2005�The US military's genocidal operation in Iraq is trucking off whole destroyed cities and acres of dirt to dumps in the desert. This is to obscure the tell-tale and eternal radiation and the chemical residues from the use of banned and illegal weapons by our kids and friends in the US military.

The Empire's Tactics

They are the same as they have been for 40 years. Does anybody remember the "elections" in Saigon, Vietnam?  You are maybe expecting the Empire to not change or alter it's lethal methods and procedures?

In Vietnam it was the deadly chemical poison Agent Orange. In Iraq it is plain old processed uranium. The military must think uranium is better, because it is permanent. Uranium is radioactive.  It kills people and contaminates their land�forever.

If anybody thinks the Empire will change this voluntarily because uranium dust contaminates our troops, you might as well believe that the earth is flat. The military will have to be forced away from their perverted sub-human addiction to genocidal weapons. Anybody who thinks uranium weapons are used without presidential approval is sadly na�ve, or a White House-bribed "journalist."

The only way the military will be forced away from this psychotic criminal behavior is by a president and energized Congress who order them to "Destroy the uranium munitions! All of them! Now! And don't make any more."

It's either that, or the rest of the world will punish the United States until the last dog dies. It is easy enough to do. Just destroy the American economy and laugh all the way to the bank. Trading Middle Eastern and Venezeulan oil in euros should do the trick nicely. The Chinese could sell off just a few US Treasury bonds and cause a stock market panic and crash. It is simple. Really!

Yes, our kids and friends in the US military are guilty of dispersing millions of pounds of weaponized radioactive and poisonous ceramic uranium oxide gas and dust in Iraq with impunity. A war crime. That is the official name for it.

This is just wrong and everybody all over the world knows it. This human knowledge about uranium is universal, and has been since we Americans nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Are you shocked? Surprised that the compassionate United States government of George Bush would do this? This is genocide by Americans, by the book. It's what the Nazis did in WWII, but different. It's been improved! Yes! We've improved the all important Kill Factor.

There is a tricky public relations "issue" with it, though: American troops are just as likely to breathe the radioactive uranium dust as the "enemy" Iraqis. Then they are truly "throwaway soldiers," abandoned by the military as they painfully die. As they are dying, they all request service connected medical disability. That costs money. More than Bush wants to pay.

Eleven thousand of the Gulf War I era vets are dead. A half million Gulf vets are on medical disability; but the government refuses to acknowledge they have radiation poisoning, hoping they will go ahead and die to reduce costs.

This is not a problem, though, for George W. Bush and the fascist neocons running the Great American War Machine. None other than Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of state, explains the proper imperial outlook for troubled Americans who may not quite understand the "big picture" yet.

Kissinger sagely informs us mere peasants in America that: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used" [as pawns in foreign policy.] Try telling that to dead vets� families and parents and families of the walking dead.

The Easy Solution Just Slipped Away in 2004

The only people in the world (that would be us, the 300 million citizens of the almighty American Empire) capable of, maybe, peacefully stopping the genocidal onslaught are more concerned with watching bizarre  "reality" TV shows and making sure homosexuals don't get too uppity; according to recent polls and elections in the US.

Americans are not deceiving anybody in the world but themselves. Okies (Oklahomans) are especially oblivious to the utterly simple fact that Oklahoma is the major shipping point for millions of pounds of genocidal and illegal weapons to Iraq. Up to 3.2 million pounds a day. That is up to 96 million pounds of radioactive uranium a month!

Okies are more interested in an annual series of football games played by an ADHD group of adolescent boys at the University of Oklahoma. It is so much easier to bravely scream out, "Go, Big Red Sooners, Kill 'em all!" than to tell the government their uranium munitions are wrong, banned, and illegal.

Okies are moral cowards. Okie politicians and preachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, managers and workers are deathly afraid of merely even hinting that they would do anything other than totally support the illegal war on Iraq. Why, what would people say at the country club or at the church? Conformism is enforced by what is socially acceptable.

What's more, there are 22 million pounds of lethal, radioactive uranium fashioned into shells, land mines and bombs not 90 miles from Oklahoma City. There, Okies mindlessly make Oklahoma's deadly contribution to the "war effort" in Iraq: An impoverished, thoroughly destroyed little country of 25 million people that never had any nuclear weapons at all! Ever. Even Bush said so!

Literally "all" the munitions like that come from Southeastern Oklahoma, the same way most of the lead for good old fashioned bullets came from Northeastern Oklahoma in WWI.

War Crimes

Does that make Oklahomans' war crime guilt greater than that of other states in the War Crimes Index of Horror?  If so, rest assured that the fascist loving "Mussolini's favorite" American newspaper, The Daily Oklahoman and the corporatism dedicated Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce will dutifully find a taxpayer-funded way to build a museum or hold a celebration for "Genocidal Weapons of the Iraq Wars Era�Oklahoma is No 1."

The poor "native" writer Dahr Jamail (born in Alaska, referenced below) in Fallujah cannot fathom the horror actually delivered by our American kids in the military to that Iraqi city.  The American Army, the Marines and their video game playing speed freak buddies in the air, bombing everything to smithereens at 1,400 mph, just recently leveled this beautiful city of 300,000 very religious people.

Jamil's Internet scribblings are the numb face of an extinguished, dead race walking in the radiation poisoned birthplace of civilization. This is thanks to obedient, compliant Okies shipping the weaponized poisonous uranium gas and dust to Iraq.

It is not easy work shipping millions of pounds of "ordnance" from the McAlester (Okla.) Army Ammunition Plant to Iraq. It takes a brave forklift driver to load railroad cars with pallets full of six 2,000 pound bombs. The bomb pallet plus the forklift are actually longer than will fit and turn through the railroad car door.

The simple everyday workman-like solution is to get the forklift up to speed and brake hard while turning the wheels over all the way, thus skidding the forklift and "throwing" the loaded bomb pallet into the railroad car.

The 12,000 pound pallet hits the other side of the railroad car and bounces down the inside of the car facing the right direction. Then the bombs can be pushed to the back of the car in a normal manner. It's just like shooting pool.

Yet, these physically brave souls are abject cowards when it comes to telling the government that employs them,, "No, this is wrong, just flat-out wrong." They look to their "betters" to do that, the "suits" who are supposed to speak for them.

The politicians, preachers and various other parasites who represent them. It will be a cold day in Hell before any of these heartless, lazy, irresponsible sociopaths ever speak up.

Oklahoma is the state where teachers are 50th, dead last, in pay among the states and the state that imprisons more of its women than any other. Worse than such memorably medieval states as Mississippi or Alabama. No wonder the capacity for thinking past today is so rare in Oklahoma. You can't trust Oklahoma.

The American military, currently leveling cities in Iraq for no reason at all except that we want their oil, has a 229-year record of achievement that includes many learning episodes in the brutal, crushing art of genocide.

For the past 15 years now an unbroken string of millions of pounds of uranium-based genocidal weapons has nourished a prosperous and lethal business in the great fly-over, red neck, Red State of Oklahoma. This is where 20 percent of the people over 18 years of age can't even read, but the Okies eagerly voted for their Beloved Leader George Bush in record numbers in the 2004 election.

Shocking Auschwitz Similarities

January 27 was the 60th Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Death Camp WWII.  Zyklon B was the poison gas of choice of the German fascist regime. Uranium gas is the poisonous and radioactive gas of choice of the American fascists.

The cruel 1930s German fascists were not as sophisticated as their American neocon, fascist counterparts. They wore Brown Shirts. Ours wear Dockers(c) and use focus groups to develop their propaganda. Other than that, they are the same, Fascists are fascists.

George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was Hitler's banker in America and scrounged together the family nest egg from slave labor. Bush's long time sidekick and buddy Karl Roves's grandfather was a Nazi with a more "hands on" assignment in Germany.

The American Liberals� Decline in Moral Courage

The precipitous decline in morale courage among liberals; and, the spectacular rise in the Fascist Theocracy running America occurred simultaneously. One cannot exist without the other.

Among Democrats, so-called liberals and others of the silent American Left, mum is the word as a reckless right-wing government seeks to return America to the legal state that existed before the New Deal and Franklin D. Roosevelt. That is, before the first Child Labor laws in New York!

Scared to death, "if I get fired, how will we make the house payment," weak-kneed, liberals are absolutely required for the rise of a strong, united, fascist theocratic form of government. Liberals and Democrats of all stripes talk a good line; but they are not dependable in confronting the fascists and theocrats.

The rest of the world realizes now that they are going to have to sit up and take on the American War Machine because there is no way of telling what country is next. They will have to move now to destroy the American economy. So be it. We simply brought it on ourselves by not speaking up when we had the chance. Oklahomans are first among the guilty.

Darla, a long time Oklahoma resident, says, "I have been told that scientists have means for tracking the dust as it is blown from the battle grounds of the East onto air currents which float from continent to continent on jet streams and such.  So, folks, we aren't just insuring horrible, lingering deaths to our military in the East and the citizens (men, women and children) of those countries where we've used this stuff."

Darla added "We may be the recipients, in the future, of the uranium dust raining out of the skies onto our loved ones here at home. Among my many concerns is that these types of devastating ammunitions will leave a legacy for which history will condemn my country.   It could cause my grandchildren's children to question why we did nothing while our government knowingly operated in this unforgivable manner.  Did the Holocaust teach us nothing?"

Darla concluded "I hope everyone I know and who knows me will feel as morally outraged over the idiocies of our so-called leaders as I am.  This is criminal, and when we don't rise up in righteous anger as a people against the practice and against our leaders who ordain this practice. . . . . . . . well, we deserve the horrible poisoning of our people.  We cannot justify our own existence as human beings if we continue to look away and say we can't do anything about these things."


Truly, the use of millions of pounds of radioactive uranium oxide in Iraq is a war crime and a crime against humanity for which all Oklahomans bear responsibility. Silence on this point is agreement with the American fascist neocons. All Oklahomans who do not speak out are guilty of assisting in the commission of war crimes in Iraq by our kids and friends in the US military. They represent us. They work for us. They are following orders.

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience . . . therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."�Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

When the history of the Gulf War Era is written there will be no difference between the guilt of the Nazis in WWII, the Okies and fascist neocon Americans in the Gulf War Era. This fascist government cannot be allowed to exist. Every day it continues to exist is a day of shame for America that Americans will regret a hundred times over.


The McAlester (Oklahoma) Army Ammunition Plant brags that if it hasn't made it or disassembled it, it doesn't exist. Here is a list of Depleted Uranium munitions:

U.S Ordnance That Contain DU DODIC Munition Nomenclature:

B103 CARTRIDGE, 30 MM , API-T/HEI, PGU-14/B & PGU-13/B
D501 PROJECTILE, 155 MM APERS, M692, W/O FZ, W/M67
D502 PROJECTILE, 155 MM APERS, M692, W/O FZ, W/M67
K152 MINE, AP, PDM M86

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Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner and lives in Oklahoma. He is a frequent contributor to Online Journal and other online publications, and the San Francisco Bay View newspaper. Nichols is a former employee of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

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