Black Box Voting

Stopping the vote theft�urgent�drop all else

By Mac Sperry

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October 25, 2003�Intermixed with the overwhelming number of issues that clamor for our attention is the subtle, intangible issue of the theft of the American vote. The scam has come about through the devious introduction of electronic voting systems that leave no verifiable footprints or paper trail.

This is clearly not an oversight or mistake, but an attempt to intentionally introduce equipment whose vote tallies can be altered without any possibility of detection. It is the perfect crime. We are all in the debt of Bev Harris of for exposing this despicable conspiracy.

The cacophony of rhetoric over other more sensational issues in the public domain is often deafening. Yet the citizens� only power to resolve these other issues relies ultimately on the vote. Without the vote America is like a floundering, helpless ship at sea that has lost its rudder.

Without it every person in this country is individually and collectively at the complete mercy of whatever force is behind government, sinister or benevolent. We become slaves, not metaphorically, but actually.

To continue to treat any other issue with equal or more importance is analogous to what the old folks used to call "A dollar waiting on a dime". To continue to fervently argue the minutiae of issues such as the environment, the economy, chemtrails, Iraq, al Qaeda, 9/11, political candidates or most anything else is without the vote, the epitome of futility and short sightedness.

This stealing of the vote is not new. It is only an extension of a little known, sordid history of election rigging in the United States. This has all been kept from your eyes yet well documented in the widely banned book "Votescam: The Stealing of America" c.1996, ISBN: 0�9634163�0�8. The book is the result of a 25-year investigation by two brave investigative journalists/brothers, James & Kenneth Collier (now deceased). They present compelling evidence that various forms of wide spread election rigging have been going on for at least the last 40 years, all with the complicity of most media.

Do Americans care enough to do something about all this? They could, if awakened. Think about it. When you are asleep, are you still aware of the things you care about? Of course not, because you're asleep. Well, America is asleep. Wake her up. Raise the consciousness of all by elevating this issue to its rightful place of supreme importance. Ask Internet websites to focus more, greatly more, on this electronic rip off. Print single page fliers describing this issue on your inkjet printer, then jam them onto automobile windshields, bulletin boards, campuses, churches and front doors. Call radio talk shows. Approach your local newspaper and don't take no for an answer, this is too important. If they won't help, give their advertisers a call. Most importantly, when others begin to discuss issues that pale in significance to the theft of the vote, point it out. Explain the problem and make them understand the dire urgency of at least temporarily dropping all other matters to revive our cadaverous American vote.

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