Aflac Duck Voice Search Continues

Mar 24, 2011, 09:23 by David Hope

Yesterday we reported about Aflac's quest to replace comedian Gilbert Gottfried was on - and today - the company's efforts are gaining a lot of momentum in the social media space here on the Internet.

Earlier this month, Gottfried was fired from the job for making controversial jokes about the disasters in Japan using his Twitter account. While Gottfried later apologized - Aflac's decision to fire him as the voice actor behind the duck was swift and decisive.

Aflac is now holding an open casting call for the job of voicing the insurance company's popular animal mascot.

The campaign will begin Wednesday with a commercial airing in prime-time, the new website, and an employment ad on the job listing website

Aflac says that while they are "committed to the duck," they're open to new interpretations of the character's famous "Aflac!" quack and they're not looking for a Gottfried imitator.