Health Insurance Premiums Up by 9 Percent for Families

Sep 28, 2011, 08:53 by R.E. Christian

Family health insurance costs for U.S. employers rose higher than they have since 2005 this year, two non-profit groups announced Tuesday.

Family insurance premiums rose on average from $13,770 per family to $15,053, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Education Trust said.

The increase of more than 9 percent was covered by both employers and employees. On average, employers paid $10,944 of the premium, while employees contributed $4,129, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Drew Altman, president of the Kaiser Foundation, said, "The pain factor is pretty high right now."

"A big premium jump is especially tough for workers and employers when they're facing a faltering recovery, but it's really tough for workers when wages are declining in real terms," he said.

The groups based their data on a survey of 3,184 public and private employers.

But the pain factor has not been felt by insurance companies, who report employees are using healthcare services at rates that are less-than-forecast.

As such, premiums have risen and so have profits at insurance firms. Revenue at healthcare facilities, meanwhile, is also lower than expected.

Source: UPI