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Dealing with the Christian Taliban

By Frank Pitz
Online Journal Contributing Writer

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May 13, 2005�A rather perverse thought came to me the other day while I was reading about the Baptist minister in Waynesville, North Carolina, who expelled nine church members for being Democrats. During last year's presidential campaign, this minister told his flock that anyone who voted for John Kerry �should leave the church, or repent.�

I started thinking about this and all the other denunciations and demands carried out by the evangelical right-wingers and their political lackeys; and it came to me in a rush�bad pun intended�perhaps it is time to bring back the Christians and the Lions thing.

It could include chariot races, and gladiators. We could even have a faux Roman Emperor to add a certain authentic mystique. Really, it is something to consider. Americans of a certain persuasion absolutely love their �reality� television. This could be a blockbuster hit. With a studio audience poised to give a thumbs up or down, this could give network television the boost it needs. Of course, it would only be the ardent, hypocritical, dogmatic, hate mongering, misogynistic, homophobic kind of so-called Christians and their sycophantic political bedfellows who would be compelled to participate.

Imagine if you would a gladiatorial spectacle mano a mano between Tom �The Hammer� DeLay, and Rick �Smiter of Sodomites� Santorum. I mean like, whom the hell would you cheer for?

Before all of you folks start writing angry emails directed my way, give some thought as to just what the Christian Taliban are doing in this country today. They have openly called for a �Fatwah� against so-called �activist judges� and they openly defend hatred directed toward gays, as well as single women with children. They censure, with excommunication as well as other sanctions, anyone who strays from their dogmatic and narrow viewpoint.

The Christian Taliban have their adherents and disciples willing to murder and maim while invoking the name of God. George W. Bush is one of the more notoriously recognized of these disciples, but there are many others lesser known and equally dangerous. Women�s health clinic bombers, murderers of gays, lynchers of blacks, abusers of women and children, all done in the name of Christianity or pure-blood.

Selected Quotes from certain of the Christian Taliban Mullahs:

Rev Frank Raddish leader of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries on so called gay recruitment: �How do they recruit, why they sodomize that�s how.� And we are most certainly familiar with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson blaming 9/11 on �gays and lesbians.� The Rev Fred Phelps, the terror from Topeka who said, �Gays are worthy of death.� This in response to the murder of Matthew Shepard. Certainly Kansas is but one example where the theory of �intelligent design� failed miserably.

Peter LaBarbera of Concerned Women of America said, �Gays lie, are immoral and harmful.� Trent Lott "lovingly" compares gays to �thieves, liars and drug addicts.� According to the Rev Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, �Gays are like Hitler and the Gestapo.� Senator Don Nickles asserts, �Gays shouldn�t represent the United States.� To Texas GOP communications director Robert Black, �Gay Republicans are like the KKK.� Alan Keyes claims that �gays cause Nazism and Communism.�

Then we have those adherents like the city commissioners in Dayton, Tennessee, who proclaimed a �Godly Heritage Day� and with their counterparts on the county commission passed a law�later rescinded�declaring their county �off-limits to homosexuals.� And the "moral" sheriff in a small town in Georgia who fired a female police dispatcher because she �was living in sin� by not being married.

These are but a few of the scary happenings being carried out by the Christian Taliban in these United States. These are times when I absolutely feel like Alice and I have fallen down the rabbit hole where nothing is real�and yet everything is real. This daily outpouring by a dangerous minority is all for the avowed purpose of turning the United States into a theocracy.

These corporate pimps, murderers, and thieves feeding at the public trough all in the name of their perverted brand of Christianity deserve no less than being publicly humiliated and punished.

But then again, there is no doubt in my mind that the outpouring of real Christian beneficence present at such would preclude any retribution�though well deserved�from happening to these scourges of society.

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