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�The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider�
by Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy (Ret)
2001, National Liberty Press LLC, 384 pages, $14.95,
Order line: 877�776�9004

June 4, 2001�According to �The Conspirators,� the crimes and cover-ups of Iran-Contra have never ended. Government-sanctioned drug trafficking. Wholesale fraud. Illicit weapons deals. They�re all still part of an ongoing white-collar criminal enterprise that�s entrenched in Washington, DC.

The high-level perps have never been indicted. In fact, they have even been brought back to power as the new Bush Jr. Administration. Meanwhile hundreds of people, including eye-witnesses and actual Iran-Contra participants, have been ruthlessly liquidated.

A former officer in Naval Intelligence, Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy (Ret.) has written a powerful expose� of the criminal exploits of Washington powerbrokers and their minions. This book, in essence, reveals the hidden history of America�from the 1980s, through the 1990s, to the present day.

The book�s premise is simple. Organized crime�actually a white-collar crime syndicate comprised of government bureaucrats, military officers, intelligence officers and con men or �beltway bandits��has in essence taken over the US Government.

The so-called public sector has been privatized to such an extent that the US Government is basically an empty shell. Instead, the fraudsters (government contractors and their ilk) continue to feed at the government trough, supported by US taxpayer largesse.

Al Martin has first hand knowledge of the dirty deals, high-level scams, frauds, and other treasonous activities of the Shadow Government of the United States. And it�s all in the book.

Having testified before congressional committees chaired by Senator Kerry and Rep. Alexander, Al Martin continues to tell the truth regarding these high-level criminals in government. His book, �The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,� is a true crime story that until now has been too hot for prime time.

The book includes eye-witness accounts of government drug trafficking, illegal weapons deals, and a veritable epidemic of fraud�corporate securities fraud, real estate fraud, insurance fraud and bank fraud.

Because of what he�s seen, Al Martin has been in hiding, a whistleblower targeted by these very same bureaucrat-perps.

To date, their criminal-government schemes have cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

And how did it start? When George H. W. Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North initiated their plan of fraud and drug smuggling, they envisioned using 500 men to raise $35 billion.

When Iran-Contra finally fell apart, they ended up using 5,000 operatives and making $350 billion in illegal secret operations.

And who is Al Martin? After he retired as a lieutenant commander from the US Naval Reserves, Al Martin�s life went into the fast lane as a black ops specialist.

At a meeting with General Richard V. Secord and Lawrence Richard Hamil, the US Government�s own con man, Martin was briefed about Iran-Contra operations and allowed to view CIA white papers on �Operation Black Eagle,� the code name for the illegal George Bush/Bill Casey/Oliver North program of government, sanctioned narcotics trafficking, illicit weapons deals and wholesale fraud.

In this book, Al Martin tells the facts that have been ignored or covered-up for over 15 years. There are many detailed descriptions of ongoing fraud committed by Bush family members, specifically George H. W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush, Neil Bush and Jeb Bush. These include the Trinity Gas and Oil fraud, the Tri-Lateral Investment fraud, the Harken Energy fraud, as well as major high-yielding real estate, insurance and bank frauds in Florida, Colorado and Texas.

Al Martin names names and dates which no one has dared write or publish before.

In one of his early columns published online at Al Martin Raw (, he wrote, �You have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context�as if the entire family ran a corporation called �Frauds-R-Us. Each member of the family, George Sr.,George Jr., Neil, Jeb, Prescott, Wally, etc.,have their own specialty of fraud.�

�George Jr.�s specialty was insurance and

security fraud.�

�Jeb�s specialty was oil and gas fraud.�

�Neil�s specialty was real estate fraud.�

�Prescott�s specialty was banking fraud.�

�Wally�s specialty was securities fraud.�

�And George Sr.�s specialty? All of the above.�

Author Al Martin is an accomplished fundraiser and businessman, as well as one of the last remaining insiders of the euphemistically named fraud called �Iran-Contra.�

The Conspirators� is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how criminal corporate and government networks interact and How the Real World Really Works.

Al Martin�s website is Al Martin Raw.

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