��9/11� Facing Our Fascist State & What a Plot�

By Don Paul
Paperback: 144 pages, $10
Published by Irresistible Revolutionary
ISBN: 0�943096�05�10
Publication Date: 2002

Reviewed by Bev Conover
Online Journal Editor & Publisher

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February 6, 2003�Don Paul has packed an incredible amount of information in this slender volume, which can serve as a primer for those unaware of how government �of, by and for the people� has been turned into government �of, by and for the corporations,� and as a handy quick reference for those who do.

Paul raises all the questions about September 11, 2002, that are still unanswered nearly 18 months after that fateful day that has led to the trashing of the US Constitution and the loss of the people�s civil liberties.

Working from what is known about the alleged 19 hijackers and their lack of flying skills, Paul points out that it is improbable that they could have flown four commercial airliners, much less flown two into the World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon.

Then there is the matter of who overruled normal procedure and ordered the military intercept planes that could have prevented the tragedies to stand down.

While some may find Paul�s personal conclusions about how the planes were flown and what caused the collapse of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 troubling in the absence of concrete proof, they don�t diminish the overall value of his book.

But this a book about more than 9/11. It�s about oil, narcotics, wars, corporate machinations, government corruption and complicity, and the Bush family�s sordid past, which all add up to the final step to replacing a democratic republic with a fascist state.

It cries out for the American people to wake up, resist the regime that now has control of all three branches of government and the corporations calling the shots, and take back their country before it is too late.

Included in the book are six columns Paul wrote for the San Francisco Bay Review in the weeks and months following September 11. In the last of which, published on December 12, 2001, he said, �Evidence that has since emerged points to a plot more sinister and brutal than decent people can imagine.�

With George W. Bush determined to wage war on Iraq to liberate Iraq�s oil for the corporations and to make the US the dominant force in the Middle East, the plot has become even more sinister and brutal.

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