Goebbels and the American media

By Carl Johnson


October 11, 2000 | Believe it or not, our people are being turned into numerous opposing groups, ideologically. We are becoming a collection of oppositional minds for sensational purposes.

Our political system is being psychology destroyed and it is has been split like amoeba by the media. Just imagine when America has 500 political parties and when we become global citizens what will happen. The Balkans will be tame compared to America.

Goebbels only had to split Germany in two to accomplish what he did. He gained control of the German mind before trying to control the world. The American media is working overtime with every devious, bifurcating, monopolizing, influencing device known to applied psychology. They are out to gain complete possession of the minds on our people.

There is something known as operand conditioning. This is a process by which the people are mentally setup to accept either positive or negative reinforcement on any issue of importance to the media. These oligopolies grind out garbage with one purpose in mind. That is to make profits. They destroy people with massive headlines and retract with 6-point type. They are masters at creating rotten, contentious disagreement, both at home and abroad.

They over react and lie about most every story. Nothing is reported correctly. This has been going on for a long time. Bad reporters mold their reputations for daring with sensationalism, especially now that we have television and the Internet. They are not just selling printed words. Their personas are more important than the truth or the copy.

America needs another Joe Pulitzer. In his time, as a publisher, there was a ship that sunk with a big loss of life. The reporter brought out the biggest type available and asked Mr. Pulitzer, "What about using this for the headline?" Pulitzer told him, "I was keeping that for the coming of the Messiah." This bunch is keeping nothing for the coming of the Messiah. They don't believe in anything but money.

Your freedom is in your hands as long as you have control over your mind. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind. That's how it works. Let them know that you have had enough of their machine gun mouths and twitching fingers. Use the power of the Internet to protect your freedom.

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