The Kangas Kronicles
New info unearthed about the strange death of Steve Kangas

By Mike Snow


We've dug up (or a major contributor has) suggestive, nay, ominous new info about the strange death of Steve Kangas- which we are attempting to place in some legitimate media outlet (unlike you Web creeps).

Despite the dynamite front page May 2-3 Washington Post 30-page opus about Richard Mellon Scaife (see our site-KANGAS link), which essentially said the guy was vicious, cheap, uneducated, vindictive, and a drunk -- in the first three paragraphs -- papers are still terrified of Scaife's retaliation. When we said we had tapes, a reluctant Brit editor said that "against a billionaire, you'd need affidavits." Of course there you can be successfully sued even if it's all TRUE.

Within a week or two if nothing breaks, we will release it here.

Basically, though, the coroner who performed the autopsy said there was no powder residue on Kangas's hands and that his front teeth were broken.

Back to the better very late than never Washington Post broadside ("Where did THAT come from?" said NCEC's Tom Bonier), which has Scaife in '93 saying to an audience that included Democrats, "You're going to be happy when Al Gore's President because WE'RE GOING TO GET BILL CLINTON."

After only six years of enforced silence, the disaffected masses of the Washington Post, who saw their proud liberal tradition hijacked and sullied by the sanctimonious obsessions of Michael Isikoff (who flailed the sordid, sorry, stinking carcass of this story [Clinton-Lewinsky] around until he provoked a constitutional crisis), rose up. For THAT, the Press Association gave him an award, cementing the Monica reality that Fame is the Name of the Game, no matter how or what you've done to earn it. If John Wayne Gacy were still alive, he'd probably be a contestant on game shows.

The systematic blindness to the Scaife led anti-Clinton conspiracy, even as they ran thousands of Whitewater, FBI files, Travelgate stories... is the greatest failing of the press in the 90's.

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