The Starr Report, June 1, 1999:
Bob Barr wants "unacceptable"  religious beliefs banned from military

By Linda L. Starr


Bob Barr wants to rewrite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! 

Apparently, this is so he and other conservative elected officials can dictate what religion is deemed acceptable for our military personnel!    He believes personal religion is eroding our military discipline.   Furthermore, he stated this past weekend at a town meeting in his Georgia district that the First Amendment should take a back seat to military discipline.  Imagine such a concept...American citizens with rights!!!

Somehow, I'm getting the distinct memory of pre-WW2 Nazi German history with Herr Hitler convincing the government officials to pass laws making certain religions and beliefs illegal, and denying these people the rights and citizenship of their own country.   Is anyone else having a problem with this vision of Nazis in America?

Will these conservatives never learn the dangers of tampering with our basic rights and guarantees?  Must we now endure another Inquisition with Bob Barr, et al, in the roles of Chief Inquisitors?   Can this country survive another round of Bob Barr as Torquemada the Torturer?   Will we now have reinventions of the rack, witch stickers, and burnings at the stake to convince suspected Wiccans to confess the sin of practicing an unacceptable religion?   Will we now be visited in our homes through television and Internet by visions of people being drawn and quartered, or heaven forbid, some other horrible forms of torture?  

Why can't the conservatives not learn that a person's private life should be off limits - including his/her religion?

I do sincerely believe that Bob Barr has somehow lost sight of what his role ought to be as an elected official...that of representing all the people in his district.   Not only the ones who subscribe to his antiquated and dangerous ideas of criminalizing  a citizen's private life, but especially the conduct of which he himself may also be engaging. 

Methinks Bob Barr is living in another place in another time where the laws passed by which we judge our fellow man do not apply to his own private conduct, but for those mere mortals who live under the rule of Conservative Congressmen.

I would remind the chronically freedom-challenged congressman of the shocking results of the last election and the total scrubbing the GOP is facing come 2000 if things do not change rapidly within the conservative mindset.  There are those arrogant fools who actually have deluded themselves into believing the American voter will forget the last witch hunt we endured.

Perhaps it will take the complete destruction of the Republican party to get some semblance of rational thought back into the mind of any GOP hopeful.   Otherwise, I cheerfully announce to one and all that what they have accomplished over the past 25 years will be headed into the nearest dumpster when the 2000 elections are over.  

Hey, forget everything I just said.  Nothing nicer could happen to the American public than the overthrow of all the CCC holds dear!

Never mind at go, Bob Barr!!!!!

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