Freedom Writer March/April 1999
CNP highlights from January meeting


The secretive Council for National Policy met behind closed doors on January 22 and 23 at the    Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. Here are some memorable quotes from that meeting:

  • "The Boy Scouts [of America] were explicitly founded upon Christian principles."
    � Rep. David McIntosh, RIN
  • "I had the Christian Coalition ready to go. They were dying to get behind a candidate who would stand up for the values they represented."
    � Sen. Alex Mooney, on how he won his campaign for the state senate last year
  • America's greatness is "the reason you fly around the world in a Boeing airplane with Pratt & Whitney engines, rather than in a Jap airplane with Jap engines."
    � Tom Clancy, bestselling author
  • For the Chinese "to get to us they've got to cross the Pacific Ocean, and we've got a navy to stop that from happening. It'll be a long time before the Chinks build a decent navy."
    � Tom Clancy, bestselling author

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