The Starr Report, Aug. 5, 1999
There seems to be one set of standards for Bill Clinton and another set for George W. Bush
By Linda L. Starr


As shocking as it may seem to all rational thinking Americans, there does seem to be a one set of standards for Bill Clinton and another set for George Dubya Bush!

Not only is every aspect of the Clintons' private lives open for inspection, but it seems no humiliation is too great to impose on the First Family. Example: why was Kenny Starr asking Webb Hubbell questions about Hillary Clinton's sex life? I'm almost afraid to ask by what reasoning Starr feels entitled to this information? Last I heard, Whitewater was supposedly about money, not sex. When did Whitewater become a sexual investigation?

Now ole George Dubya has admittedly led a wildly misspent youth, but gee Ms. Laura has only to ask that his past be left private and all media types are off that topic. I refuse to use the terms reporter or journalist when describing mainstream media types. The terms would imply that one is capable of being objective, unbiased, and interested in the truth. One might as well say our Democratic president is a conservative right wing radical. About the same degree of honesty in both statements.

We saw that a Republican controlled judicial system felt that the President of the United States is not too busy with running our country to answer a civil lawsuit. How is it that George Dubya feels his campaign for president makes him too important and too busy to appear to answer questions about a civil lawsuit? Curious, isn't it, that Republican candidates are too busy to be deposed, but not our President? Is this a Republic or a Monarchy where only Republicans decide what lawsuits they will answer and whether they are "too busy?"

George Dubya is asking that a legal precedent established in Jones vs. Clinton by his own political cronies be set aside, so he won't have to be deposed in Funeralgate--a lawsuit filed against the state, funeral home giant Service Corporation International (SCI) and its chairman, who happens to be a major contributor to George Dubya's campaigns, by a Texas Funeral Commission whistleblower who says she was fired for reporting violations of the law.

Is this a blatant set of double standards?   During the Reagan/Bush years the judicial system was loaded up with conservative Republicans. Guess who will decide if King George Dubya II (of Texas) is immune to answer depositions, subpoenas, and interrogatories? A longtime Bush supporter: Judge Waltrip.

Kings, after all, are above reproach and (gasp) how dare anyone question if King George Dubya II has been guilty of any wrongdoing or (horrors) conspiring to punish a whistlerblower? Are we insane to even think we can insist upon answers? 

Look at George Dubya's royal lineage...Iraqgate, Iran/Contra, Silverado Savings and Loan, and "Read My Lying) Lips" of George I.  Then we have the alleged Nazi collaborations of grandfather and uncle Presscott Bush, the confessions of sister-in-law Columba, wife of Florida Gov. Jeb, who blatantly refused to pay proper duty for clothing and jewelry she bought in Paris--call this one Dutygate. We are still waiting to hear if she has paid the Florida use tax she owes on said items. The list goes on and on... George Dubya II's insider stock trading, getting rich on a baseball stadium land scheme, shady oil deals, selling out to lobbyists and special interests by awarding them lucrative Texas contracts, current campaign contributors who are under indictment or suspicion for felonious crimes, a new Texas driver's license number to hide a previous record.

What in the world will we discover next that the mainstream media is ignoring? We've seen George Dubya doesn't know geography, has little knowledge of world issues, fails to understand the sensitivities of other cultures, and pretends his theories of "compassionate conservatism" have not turned Texas into the execution capitol of the world! His lack of compassion for the working poor in Texas is legendary--it's welfare reform for the poor, but more largesse for the corporations who made the requisite campaign contributions.

I shudder to think that a man so ignorant about the world could have actually graduated from Yale with a degree in anything except world class partying and being born with a platinum foot in his mouth! 

He thinks he can refuse to answer questions of fact regarding his new driver's license number and ignore us like we are nothing. Let's show the Dubyas of this world that we are all something and America is not about to elect a king to as our next president!

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