National Jewish Coalition sponsor of awards named after alleged Nazi sympathizer
Prescott Bush

By Linda L. Starr


Now isn't this extra, extra special?   The National Jewish Coalition is a sponsor of the Prescott Bush Awards!  I can't decide what is more shocking, that there exists such an award, or that Jewish people would participate in continuing to honor a known Nazi sympathizer and collaborator?

This man Prescott Bush, along with Harriman and George Walker, his father in law, were even subject to having assets seized by our own federal government for financial dealings with the enemy when we were at war with Germany.   Since the Swiss bankers have found themselves as the defendants in lawsuits to regain Jewish funds for the survivors and heirs of former account holders, and companies such as Volkswagon, etc., are also being accused of profiteering on the slave labor of Jewish people, how long before survivors look to sue the Bush family of businesses??? If not, why not ?  Why should we not convene a special panel of international delegates to hear all these cases and decide fairly, swiftly?

And speaking of convening special boards to investigate and decide about war crimes, why not ask what roles George Herbert Walker Bush played during his tenure with the CIA? Why not call a grand jury to question those persons who were granted immunity by George H. W. Bush in the last days of his presidency about his role in Iran/Contra?  It would seem to me that anyone already granted immunity such as John Poindexter, et al, ought to be willing to testify about the senior George's knowledge and coverup of the Iran/Contra affairs.   For that matter, let's ask Ollie North some deeper questions as well.   We could use Ken Starr's prosecutorial tactics and threaten to charge people with obstruction of justice and contempt of court for failure to comply willingly.

Yes, now I'm certain Georgie Dubya has a newfound compassion in his heart and mind.  I think I'd say the words too if I thought it might propel me to a place of limitless powers and help my family to avoid a scandalous investigation such as has been thrust upon the overburdened Clintons.  Yes, I'm sure Georgie Dubya wants to silence the people on the Internet who question his fitness to serve as president.   After all the hype and hoopla over whether or not Clinton inhaled, I'm sure Georgie Dubya is terrified of being asked specific questions and then have one of his playgirls show up and say Georgie Dubya did this or that or (horrors) much worse.

It might be extremely interesting reading to have cast-off Susie Showoff come along and claim ole "Georgie Dubya used to sniff some white powder through a straw and then act real wild, and I don't know what that powder actually was.   He did say it was cocaine and insisted I sniff it, too.   It made me feel really strange and my nose burned and hurt.  Georgie Dubya said it would make me feel very sexy and then he wanted me to have orgies with him and his friends."

Of course his wife will beg the world to ignore his past wild ways. Undoubtedly she doesn't want to be reminded of his behavior or have their daughters know the whole truth either.

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