The Starr Report: October 12, 1999
Despite Yale diploma, George W. was
rejected by U of Texas Law School

By Linda L. Starr

George Dumbya Bush was rejected by the University of Texas Law School in 1973 after he had supposedly graduated from Yale, an Ivy League school! How can this be true when at the time his father was the congressman from Houston? Is this more rumor-mongering by liberals out to besmirch the Golden Boy of the GOP?

No, his own mother was quoted in an interview with Skip Hollandsworth as saying, "I think that got under his skin a litle bit, because I don't think he was used to not doing what he wanted to do." when asked about the rejection.

According to Clayton Day, Jr., one of his Yale classmates "He went there for the same reason a lot of us did. I had a lot of degrees, but I couldn't do anything. It was like trade school."  

That is a pretty sad commentary to explain a wasted education at Yale. How many people could go there, come out with a degree, and not be able to do anything with it?

This makes me question Dumbya's whole new ideology about quality of education based on money invested, as he claims with his plan for a voucher program. If these rules he wants to apply to our nations' youth, had been applied to him, he would find himself a common beggar with his cup held out to strangers for survival money. He certainly has not practiced the lectures he preaches to the common working poor. He apparently feels he is above the rules of society all of us must accept and adopt for our everyday living.

According to another Bush friend, Doug Hannah -- son of real estate developer turned space rocket entrepreneur David Hannah -- Dumbya was pretty cavalier in his 20s about girlfriends and drinking. When his younger brother Marvin was just 15, Dumbya took him out drinking and partying. Upon running over a neighbor's trash can on the way home, father Bush called him into the den to discuss what happened, Dumbya challenged "You want to go mano a mano right here?"

Terrific family morals exhibited here especially since Barbara states there was no need to question Dumbya's behavior back then.

Then when Dumbya ran for Congress in 1978 against Kent Hance, he had his first education in opposing the Christian Coalition. According to Patricia Kilday Hart's article on Dumbya, he came under attack in the University Daily, a Texas Tech student newspaper, for promising free beer at a Bush campaign rally.

"Mr. Bush has used some of his vast sums of persuade young college students to vote for and support him by offering free alcohol [to] them," wrote Lubbock attorney George Thompson III. Thompson in conclusion deduced that Bush's virtues "do not indicate the same high character as Hance."

One can assume that after that debacle, Dumbya Bush will never underestimate the ability of the Religious Right to inflame voters.

Now I fear asking the obvious: Who does Dumbya Bush hope to buy with all these millions of campaign contributions? Even worse, what will the eventual price be to America if enough voters do sell their votes to the highest bidder? And finally, what price will those who contribute heavily to Dumbya's campaign demand later on down the road?

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