The Starr Report, Oct. 28, 1999
How far is George W. Bush willing to go?

By Linda L. Starr


When I first heard the incredible gossip-mongering by the GOP about J. H. Hatfield, I knew the Bush camp had gone too far.

Whether or not J. H. Hatfield is a convicted felon doesn't affect the veracity of the message in his book, "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President." To make this the issue is only another tactic by the Bush camp to divert attention away from the message of George W.'s past behavior and misdeeds.  In fact, George W. appears to have a consistent pattern of lawbreaking, so I'm listing herein the laws he chose not to obey. 

I don't ever remember any laws saying...except for the Bush family if they choose not to obey a law. Yet they prove to us over and over we must obey or pay the consequences.  I mean, of course, paying duty on fancy Paris fashions and jewelry as Columba Bush tried not to do by lying on her Customs declaration form. Imagine the outcry from the GOP if any Clinton were caught doing such a thing!

Now I want to send a message to J. H. Hatfield (the author of "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President"), all my friends, and Online Journal readers: if the Bush camp can hurt and malign one of his critics, or distract voters from learning the truth, we had better all head for the hills. Since last week I've been wondering what horror the Bush camp is dreaming up to use against me?  What lie or twisted half-baked truth might they use to mute my messages?

Well, go for it, Governor Death! You think your scare tactics and bullying will help put you in office, but you are so wrong. When you attack someone like myself, you will find we become even more tenacious about digging out the truth about YOU! We will defend all the more fiercely the brave people like Hatfield who tell the truth about your past. It is YOU, George W., who looks the fool before America's voters. Why not just deny the allegations if you are innocent? Why not show your school transcripts and your driver's license record? What is there to hide from the voting public if there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of in your past?  Why do you feel compelled to kill the messenger to save your image, if it is so clean?

One day I realized George W. Bush always said he had nothing on his record to prevent him becoming president. Right away that told me he isn't denying guilt, just any record of his offenses. So, that made me want to use my investigative skills to find out what might be hidden from view. I expected any and every sort of thing possible...even normal events, like a few parking tickets, or maybe a speeding ticket in his youth.

Guess what I found?

Nothing...not a single thing!  It didn't seem possible considering things the family had admitted in public forums. Then while digging around in the Texas Department of Public Safety records, I found something really odd. Could it be a clerical error?

Yet right before my eyes was something no one seemed to have noticed before...that Governor George W. Bush had obtained a new Texas driver's license number. That was very unusual and such a strange number, too: 00000005!  Then I ran into some brick walls when I started asking questions. That seemed odd to me since in several public forums he or his family has admitted to some run-ins with the law. He had been questioned about the stealing of a Christmas wreath, but let off the hook.  No record.  He had one or two other minor scrapes with the law.  No record.  He had paid a fine of $130 on Sept 2, 1994, for killing a protected species bird while hunting � that was right before being elected governor in November of 1994. And now along with his old number went the record of his paying that fine. So that proves that sometime between Sept 2, 1994, and March 31, 1995 George W. Bush obtained this new driver's license number of 00000005, because all infractions of the law are listed on your Texas Driver's License Detail. Incredible!

Beyond that, who would want a man for president who had willfully broken the laws in numerous ways while in his 20s? By his own mouth he is condemned before the voters of America and by his own actions he ought to be dropped from consideration as a candidate.

When his younger brother Marvin was only 15 years old, W. took him out for a drunken night on the town.  This isn't a lie; he admits it in the June 1999 issue of Texas monthly. Even the family admits that he broke the laws by giving alcohol to a minor, driving while intoxicated, and that he ran over some neighbor's garbage cans and raised a ruckus. I guess he believes it is okay to give alcohol to a minor and drive drunk? And all this occurred when he was in his 20s, not a minor, as are others he whom he advocates be given stiff penalties breaking laws! I can't help but wonder what else he might have given his younger brother that particular night.

When W. ran for Congress in 1978 against Kent Hance, Bush threw some 'beer bashes' for potential college voters at Texas Tech University. There are no reports of any "carding" at these parties to promote his candidacy so we can only guess whether any minors may have stumbled onto the scene for free beer? Was this merely another incident where George W. ignored the laws of the state to protect minors for his own agenda?  The Conservative Christian Coalition roundly criticized him for that and he was soundly defeated. This incident was also admitted to by the family in a Texas Monthly article.

Shall I also mention W.'s challenge to Daddy the night he returned home, after the drunken night on the town, when he was asked to step into the den to discuss his conduct? George W. wanted to go 'mano y mano' with his father right there in the family home!  Yet his parents saw no reason to question if he was doing drugs and/or obeying the laws?  Do you think anyone but their own son might receive such consideration?

So, again I ask, what plans might the Bush camp have in store for me and others like me who openly criticize his mentality, education, ethics, morals, and hypocrisy in governing? What method might they use to kill this messenger as they have done to J. H. Hatfield? Maybe they fear what they do not want known even more widely than now...that George W. got a new driver's license number and no amount of attacks on me will change that fact. I do not use rumors, or innuendos, or terrified unnamed sources to accuse him. I stand here with my proof from the DPS records that he did get a new drivers license number. Why was that necessary? 

George W. was such a frivolous frat party boy that he couldn't even gain admittance into the University of Texas Law School after he had supposedly graduated from Yale.  Lousy grades or lousy SAT's? Either way it is a sad commentary on the quality of his education and seriousness about life's responsibilities. Yet, it is the messengers who come under attack after having discovered George W. has serious flaws with regard to obeying the laws of our land as they apply to all...yes, W., even to you!

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