The Starr Report, Aug. 15, 1999:
Bush Family Values

By Linda L. Starr


After the Los Angeles shooting fiasco George Dubya Bush was most curiously silent. Many of us wondered publicly why he would fail to seize the opportunity to comment on a horrendous racial hatred crime.

Then someone pointed out the Salon article titled Guns and Money of August 11, 1999 in which we discover that "The owner of the firm that made the assault rifle used in the LA shooting was, until recently, a key George W. Bush fund-raiser. "  

Awww, now we understand, no hypocrisy here. If George Dubya will accept funds from weapons that kill people, (but he shares no responsibility for the deaths of murder victims from guns,) then his newest nickname of Governor Death for turning Texas into the execution capitol of the world aptly applies and for more reasons than never once commuting or staying any death sentence.

And let us not forget about FuneralGate, where there seem to be some curious coincidences in campaign contributions to George Dubya and preferential treatment in investigating Service Corporation International (SCI), one of the largest funeral home businesses, for allegedly employing unlicensed embalmers in its Dallas facilities.

Considering the family background of alleged money laundering schemes for Nazis, it's no small wonder there seem to be continuing ties of Bush family campaign contributors to alleged Nazi groups. It seems as long as the proper Bush results are produced, it matters not how the process evolved. George Dubya told James Barnes of the National Journal, "I'm a decisive person who doesn't read treatises, I'm not interested in process. I want the results. If the process doesn't yield the right results, change the process." All very interesting and heartwarming to holocaust victims I'm sure, not to mention the rest of us.

Then we come to another article by Tucker Carlson, who interviewed George Dubya, in the maiden issue of Talk magazine. And I quote the article "Carlson reports asking Bush whether he met with any persons who came to Texas to protest the execution of the murderer Karla Faye Tucker. Bush said no, adding: 'I watched [Larry King's] interview with [Tucker], though. He asked her real difficult questions, like '"What would you say to Governor Bush?"'" Carlson asked, "What was her answer?" and writes: "'Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, 'don't kill me.'" And this is the person the GOP would crown KING if they had their way in this country!!!

I can't decide if I'm more disgusted by the attitude or gladdened by the open way in which George Dubya is revealing his true sentiments. Part of me wants to run to throw up somewhere and the other part of me wants to wave his comments like a screaming fire alarm to the world of what the GOP would heap on this country again by its chosen candidate.

Oh yes, it is so enlightening to read about the Bush family values. Do any of you remember this back during the Silverado Savings and Loan Scandal (Neil Bush) while Bush Daddy was president? "Jeb Bush, now Florida governor: U.S. repaid loan to finance building owned by Jeb Bush," Jeff Gerth wrote back in Oct. 1990 in the New York Times. " Bush and his partner negotiated a settlement with regulators ... the settlement removed from their backs a $4.565 million second mortgage..."

So now I must ask you: Who realy paid for Columba's luxuries on her Paris shopping spree? Jeb seems to think he did and it's not anyone else's business.

"If it had been Hillary instead of Columba Bush... " article In Online Journal June 23, 1999 by Bev Conover... "'She knew what she did was wrong and made a mistake,' Bush told reporters during a bill signing ceremony in Tallahassee. 'It is a lot of money. But look, that's between her and me,' Jeb told reporters."

Considering the ways our privacy rights are being invaded, and our First Amendment rights are being trampled by conservatives who protest that "there's too much freedon on the internet" to quote George Dubya, I might agree these issues should be off limits. My biggest qualms are in the overall attitudes and value system of the Bush family in general in regard to death, campaign contributions, money making schemes, the doubles standards in morality issues (one standard for them, another for the rest of the world), their acceptance of getting rich off taxpayers, the idea that they are too important to be subject to subpeonaes or rules of law that we must all follow, and the overall disrespect for individual human beings as displayed in Dubya's mocking of Karla Faye Tucker during her appearance on Larry King's show. 

So now I just feel compelled to ask the promoters of George Dubya, are these your ideas of compassionate conservatism and family values?   If they say, "Yes," I say run, do not walk to the nearest exit--do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not go to jail, do not roll the dice, do not expect things to improve in this country unless you: SAY NO TO GEORGE DUBYA FOR PRESIDENT!"

At any rate, we certainly see now all the ways in which George Dubya touches death, profits from death, and impacts death to earn the nickname Governor Death.

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