The Starr Report, June 13, 1999
Non-denial denials

By Linda L. Starr


I am sitting here wondering why we have yet to hear a denial by the George Dubya Bush camp, a full week after our phone calls to Dubya's presidential exploratory committee, in regard to our findings that a new Texas driver's license number was apparently issued on March 31, 1995 to the governor.  

Since we had given the facts of the date and the new number to committee staffer Megan Moran and staffer Mindy Tucker, who said she'd check into it and get back to us, is it possible the Dubya camp knows there is no denying the obvious?   That he was issued a new license to hide some embarrassment on his old driving record. Certainly they couldn't have goofed in writing the number down. How difficult is it to jot down 8 zeroes and a five? It isn't as though this is some terribly complicated number! 

Is there some problem with the staff's ability to grasp a simple question that Moran felt it necessary to ask me three times if the Houston George W. Bush, who turned up in our search of the Texas drivers' license records, was SAYING he is Dubya's son?   I clearly stated my question...could she confirm or deny this person to be Dubya's son born on Oct. 17, 1964?  It leaves me with the very distinct impression that they feared denial because they KNOW Dubya had a wildly misspent youth and they shudder it may well be true.   Why else repeatedly try to misrepresent the question? 

I am now left with the impression that not only do they fear a formal denial, but they must buy time to somehow turn this revelation of the issuance of a new driver's license number into something else...

In addition to still waiting for explanations from Dubya or his people, why do we never receive email from the GOP's followers arguing our points?  Why do we never get letters to the editor expressing their views or countering ours?  Do they fear an attempt to even engage in a defense? 

How is it possible if the mainstream news media are not bought and sold into perdition, that none of them are asking these questions, or investigating these findings?  Why is no one in the mainstream media also asking questions about Dubya's driver's license number?

Now that Dubya is formally a candidate for his party's presidential nomination, is he so arrogant that he thinks he has the voters in his pocket, and that the mainstream media will aid him in covering up his past, that he need not provide explanations for anything?

What has happened to the GOP that was all over Bill Clinton for his behavior that no questions of past youthful misdeeds and possible crimes by George Dubya are allowed?.

I will continue to hope for honest answers to the questions we raised.

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