Second thoughts on George W. Bush

By TJ Walker


NEW YORK CITY, Aug. 15, 1999 -- Buyer's remorse already? A number of prominent conservatives are having second thoughts about George W. Bush's status as the Chosen One.

In a recent interview with Talk Magazine, Bush repeatedly used the F-word, on the record to a reporter, thus causing George Will to muss up a single hair and have his bow tie pop off, propeller-like. (This is the same Bush who used the p-word a few years back, remember?) Bush still doesn't seem to capture the essence of the anti-Clinton-Drugs-sex-rock-and-roll party when he talks dirty.

Pro-life leaders who are always wary of Bush politicians now have more doubts. Bush recently proclaimed he had no idea if the number of abortions had gone up or down in Texas under his stewardship. Translated Message: I Don't Care. But if abortion had gone done, Bush was quick to note, it wasn't because of anything he'd done. That will come in handy when Bush seeks a private audience with officers of the N.O.W., but why should Republican anti-abortionists view Bush as a leader?

Regarding the death penalty, Bush has established his bona fides with the tough on crime crowd. But in his Talk interview he is described by imitating and ridiculing Carla Faye Tucker begging for mercy for her own life. Bush has created an image of a Frat Boy president who doesn't see the difference between killing people, even for justifiable purposes, and paddling the freshmen rushes until they howl.

Note to the other eleven GOP candidates, don't drop out yet.

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