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Salty Cat Found in NY: Did She Swim Over From New Jersey?
Greg Stacy

Apr 21, 2011, 12:17

A salty cat with matted fur has been found on Governor's Island in New York, and security workers believe she may have swum there from New Jersey.

The little calico showed up on the island this weekend looking like she had been through quite an adventure. Security guards discovered her on the island's north shore, and her fur was wet, salty and covered with slimy seaweed.

A post on the island's official blog conjectures about how the cat may have gotten there.

"We think this kitty was swept out to the river from Jersey during the big storms over the weekend," says the blog, "hitched a ride on some floatsam, and eventually landed on the rocks that encircle the Island. Her coat's a little seaweedy, but she's otherwise  healthy and very friendly. Any information that leads her back to her family is appreciated. Until then, she's getting all the Fancy Feast her brave little heart desires."

The blog reports that the cat has been taken to a vet and she's apparently healthy. The workers have apparently adopted the cat while they wait to hear from her family.

"The cat is doing great," the blog says, "and is making herself at home around the office and the Island."

The cat doesn't have a name yet, but the workers on the island are hoping the public will give her one.

"We realize that this cat needs a name! We remembered that one of the most popular areas of the Island, Picnic Point, was named by one blog readers, so we are again turning to all of you for your ideas. Give us your suggestions for her name!"

If the workers are correct about the cat's origin, she isn't the first animal to swim over from New Jersey. In 2009, police rescued a wayward Jersey deer that was wandering on the island and relocated it to a wildlife reserve park on Staten Island.

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