Obama trying to make rape look like seduction
By Peter Chamberlin
Online Journal Contributing Writer

May 21, 2010, 00:14

Thanks to Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice, the complex plan for world domination, which has been produced over several generations by the earth�s most advanced minds, teeters over the chasm of total defeat. Obama�s mission is to keep us out of the chasm, while ramming through the central elements of the plan.

Bush�s heavy-handed policies have been described in the Russian press as �rape,� compared to Obama�s policies of �seduction� (SEE: Turkey will show us how to play gambit with the West? Part 2). Obama must persuade the people of central and south Asia to open wide and accept the American intrusion into their lives, despite the enormous anti-American resistance that has been created by previous Bush intrusions. It would be only fitting if, in the end, America�s self-inflicted wounds proved to be fatal.

Obama�s foreign policy is clearly a reversal of Bush policies, backing up, while staying in the same tracks and laying down a heavy cover fire. Those tracks lead deep into central Asia. While it now looks to us like nothing has really changed in the Western military campaign in Afghanistan, it will soon become apparent that there is a new military focus -- central Asia.

Obama�s reversal undercuts basic Republican neoconservative ideology, as originally spelled-out in the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) document -- �deterring any potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.� Elevating Turkey to a regional power is a new twist, due to its strategic location, but even more, because of the role that it has played in the plans up until now.

Turkey�s role in Bush�s attempted rape of the Caucasus and in southern Russia has previously been described by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Turkey�s moderate Islamists of the Fatullah Gulen movement have operated out of Saudi-financed mosques throughout the former Soviet Republic, indoctrinating locals in their Wahhabi-lite version of Islam. These �Islamists� have stirred-up a lot of animosity in the region.

Bush created a series of global proxies to take actions on America�s behalf, giving some of them the impression that they were to be the next great power in the Middle East of Asia. It was enough for some of the minor players that they were just a part of the �winning team.� The leaders of Turkey, India, Israel, Pakistan, even Georgia, were all convinced that they were America�s �indispensible partners� in the new global alliance. Each of these national leaders became key regional players in the pipeline drama, even though they were all considered expendable in an ever-changing pipeline scheme (In truth, the neocons planned a classic �double-cross� for most of their partners.).

In the endgame, it was never American intentions to empower a real competitor in the Middle East, key allies like India and Israel were being set-up for a major double-cross just like Pakistan has been going through on a daily basis for several years. Pakistan surely has its faults, but the American manipulation of those fault lines within Pakistan to warrant outside military intervention is the cause of most of their major problems today. They have been set-up for a very hard fall.

As the leaders of these patsy nations have come to realize the big set-up that they are in (mostly because of the shock of America�s ongoing economic collapse), they have begun to wise up to America�s ways of forced penetration. It is rapidly becoming clear to more and more of them that the policies of Bush/Cheney amounted to �rape� on a national scale. Universal revulsion to this perception is fuelling the global epidemic of anti-Americanism.

In order to reverse the damage done in this penetration, without losing ground in the pipeline wars, a way had to be found to capitalize on the gains made previously by Turkish assets. The solution was to transform Turkey into the latest false adversary of America.

The quickest way to create the impression in people�s minds that Turkey and America have parted ways is for the Turkish Prime Minister to publicly pick a fight with Israel. No one comes between the Zionist American administration and Israel. What better way to send a false signal to the world?

Turkey next cancelled the yearly war games with Israel. The Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives next passed a resolution accusing Turkey of �genocide� for the slaughter of thousands of Armenians in WWI. These acts created the impression that the Turkish position had really changed. Erdogan was considered from that time to be his own man, freed from US clutches. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Turkey, the world�s only �moderate Muslim� state, would play its new designated adversary role, even while serving as Obama�s proxy. The Empire�s battery of behavioral scientists determined that the Muslim countries of the former Ottoman Empire would not likely push away the more familiar Turkish suitor. Recep Tayyip Erdogan would serve as Barack Obama�s Miles Standish, sent forth to woo the Muslim world on his behalf.

Mr. Erdogan is a maverick. He is a �moderate Muslim,� a living example of �democratic Islam.� Only Turkey could have produced this �new Muslim man,� living proof that democracy and Islam are not incompatible. The children of Ataturk have endured a split society for generations, part of it secular, but most of it very religious. Turkey has been isolated for decades, sandwiched between East and West, ostracized by the Muslim world for embracing secularism, while its leadership hungered for NATO membership. This awkward relationship between two civilizations has made Turkey an incubator for �political Islam.�

It is possible that all of this speculation is dead wrong -- that Erdogan really has turned against the United States. But in this American-dominated capitalistic world, it would be political suicide in the international arena to defect from the American side. It is more likely that mafia rules apply for national political leaders just as much as they apply to the real �Cosa Nostra� -- the biggest, meanest thug gets whatever he wants. It may not be apparent to the naked eye, but Barack Obama will prove to have been the biggest �thug� on the planet. Blackmail and not profit is a more probable explanation for Erdogan�s sudden behavior change. He may simply be trying to save Turkey from American blackmail over the Armenian �genocide� issue (an explosive issue with the real potential to cause Turkey�s self-destruction).

For whatever hidden reasons, he is now riding a wave of anti-Americanism while playing foil to America. In this role, he is not only helping the US to get its way with the Muslim world, but also to obtain Russian help in breaking through the national social barriers to the multiple pipeline projects that have so far proven to be unsolvable. By entering into partnerships with Russia, it is hoped that he can become the key to unlocking the impasse between Armenia and Azerbaijan, over Nagorno-Karabakh, so that more economical southern pipeline routes from Baku to Turkey (which bypass Georgia) can be opened.

For the most part, there is already full cooperation on pipeline development. We are understandably mistaken to believe that news reports on energy-related issues which concern both Russia and America are about real areas of conflict or confrontation between East and West. The conflict arises from efforts to integrate the separate pipeline plans of Moscow and Washington.

The integration of systems of political control and supply creates friction which is vented in social protests which erupt whenever locals (who have always been accustomed to state-controlled prices) experience real capitalist inflation.

In many ways, Russian/Soviet systems of supply and security have already found integration into the Western UN security structure (SEE: The Implications of UN-CSTO Cooperation):

�[Beginning in March] the Russia-dominated security group and the United Nations would henceforth cooperate in countering terrorism, transnational crime (including illegal arms trafficking), and in settling conflicts.�

Confrontations occur whenever the security arrangements of East and West overlap, as they do in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Ukraine. Development of Asian fuels will require the breaking down of borders and the simultaneous maintenance of security; this cannot happen if both sides keep throwing up new military boundaries that impede progress.

American and Russian leaders have come to a quiet understanding, arriving at a common strategy, intended to persuade the people of the world to accept the globalist plans. Their idea was to maintain perceptions of an �adversarial relationship,� while quietly entering into joint projects together through third parties. They would ease East and West together by focusing their merging strategies upon a leader who is a product of both worlds, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He truly represents both sides.

Instead of open conflict over any of these national issues, the US and Russia can now defuse regional tensions. Erdogan has been made into a lightning rod for outrage, as well as a grounding force to pull all things together. By carefully following the American military science of the �strategy of tension,� explosive potential conflicts can be defused or turned into opportunities. Threat levels are elevated at first, then allowed to play-out in a controlled manner, keeping deaths to an acceptable level. We see this process see at work in the political conflict zones, playing out in little psycho-dramas intended to captivate and misdirect the locals into manageable conflicts.

These political dramas often cross the lines separating political action from outright terrorism, enabling their misinterpretation by the population at large as real outright conflicts. Deception and misdirection of the target population accomplish the task of creating a �false trail,� to throw-off any real investigations of the hidden big picture.

The hidden picture is this: There are no real wars anymore; there is only profit. �Enemies� are not really military adversaries; they are either assets or competitors. Russia and America do not really work against each other�s interests -- ANYWHERE. If we think that Putin and Obama (or even Brzezinski) are head-to-head in a �chess match� for world domination, guess again. There is only the illusion of competition; it is useful for misleading the locals.

Consider the Armenian/Azerbaijan contest -- where alleged competitor pipeline projects Nabucco and South Stream vie for access to Caspian Sea gas. Even though both sides use Turkey in an apparent contest between competing pipelines, both pipelines will transit Turkey on their way to Europe. The big illusion is that Russia is seriously trying to break the impasse over Nagorno-Karabakh in order to cut America�s throat. There is zero chance that Putin will turn against Armenia to force a resolution, considering that Russia�s only military base in the S. Caucasus region is located there.

Everyone wants to see the energy harvested from central Asia. The United States and Russia both want to gain total control of the world and together put an end to the endless cycles of petty conflicts with deplete limited resources. The US wants control of every market. Russia wants to be accepted as the world�s primary energy supplier, selling gas, oil and nuclear energy to the developing world.

All media-driven disputes in this region should be considered political theater. Having said this, some major media events are not driven by the media, but by the events themselves, or by the players in them. Sometimes, one side in these violent political dramas goes too far, requiring the �false opposition� to suddenly become very real. One such event was the Georgian war on S. Ossetia. Mikhail Saakashvili went way too far, threatening to cut Russian supply lines through the Caucasus Mountains at the Roki Tunnel.

The latest case of one side going too far in central Asia is the United States in Kyrgyzstan. US pressure to take control of the country to secure the northern end of the NDN (Northern Distribution Network) drove Putin and Medvedev to act. In spite of all the happy talk coming out of Washington and Brussels lately about a �reboot� of American/Russian relations, Vladimir Putin is playing to win in Kyrgyzstan, just as he was in South Ossetia. While Obama may be turning away from the brutish tactics of Bush and Cheney, Putin seems to be ready for an old fashioned fist fight.

Neither Obama nor his mentor Brzezinski (not to mention the conventional forces of the United States), appears to be in shape for a knock-down, drag-out in the Ferghana Valley.

The Kyrgyz people, who are trapped in ringside seats, have no way of escaping the turmoil that these antagonists may have planned there.

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Yesterday, anti-Uzbek, anti-government violence escalated into open street war, with each side fielding several thousand combatants. This pent-up tension exploded when Naftogas cut the gas going to south Kyrgyzstan by 50 percent. Rioting centered around the Uzbek university in Osh, the one city which also happens to be the location of the only Russian military base in that country. It is no coincidence that the communist-inspired riots focused upon Russia�s allies the Uzbeks, occurred near a Russian air base. Any communist agitator will tell you that the quickest way to gain properly motivated allies to your cause is to stage attacks upon your own people or allies -- a traditional �false flag� attack. By bringing down rage upon the Uzbeks within Kyrgyzstan, support for Bakyiev�s cause was given stimulus to grow.

So, even if the Kyrgyz situation does represent a point of disagreement between Putin and Obama, it still comes full-circle, with the rioting bringing support to the Kyrgyz opposition. By building the forces of opposition, it also pushes the country to civil war. Civil war destabilizes the entire region -- good for American plans.

With America playing the �bad cop,� instead of Russia, the historical antagonisms between the former Soviets and their former clients is temporarily pushed aside.

Learning to see

Civilization is simply a cowed population. Americans are the most cowed of all human livestock.

The New World Order will come about, but only when East and West come together. That merger will either result in a harmonious world of limitless opportunity, or it will bring-about the global police state; it is within our power to choose the happy ending and the new beginning.

We the People of Planet Earth must assert our people power to ensure that the order which comes out of this coming together is respective of all of our God-given rights as human beings. Failure to stand together to protect all human rights in any global agreements which come about will lead to a world where there are no protected individual rights against the power of the almighty �Corporation.�

Our leaders are not fools; they know the same things that we know (and so much more). They understand that humankind stands on the threshold of the great awakening. In their eyes, that new day can only come about through selective intelligent application of force, to establish total control over all our lives. What they fail to understand or to accept is that the keys to our survival lie within us. It is human creativity that holds the power to effect all change, and it, above all, must be set free.

Human nature itself must be changed and that cannot come about through force.

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