Obama�s reignites �war on terrorism� with massive Afghanistan surge
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 3, 2009, 00:30

Barack Obama has declared that he and his administration will �finish the job� in Afghanistan. In a speech that echoed, word for word, the now time-honored criminal 9/11/�war on terrorism� and �security� falsehoods of the Bush-Cheney administration, Obama is sending yet another �surge� of 30,000 US troops to the slaughter.

Obama also promised, in the most bellicose fashion, to escalate the endless manufactured war against �violent extremism,� by sending American military-intelligence forces to every corner of the world where terrorists have a �foothold.�

The criminal lie of 9/11, of �America under attack,� is the eternal pretext for imperial force. The lie has been cemented deeply, and irrevocably, into the fabric of society, and into the minds of the fearful and the ill-informed. And Barack Obama knows it, just as he knows the realities behind the lies he spews forth in Bush/Cheney fashion. .

Clear-eyed observers warned, since his ascension to power years ago, that Obama has been a lifelong corporate �centrist� and accommodationist who will change nothing except for the style with which destruction is delivered. In fact, the manipulative Obama and his unsavory administration (of unsavory elites) has deepened every crisis, from the world war to the rape of the world economy.

Obama has wholeheartedly presided over the massive global financial destabilization begun during Bush-Cheney, the continued militarization of the US homeland, and new waves of government-sanctioned looting on behalf of elite/Wall Street powers, disguised as health care reform and other false �reforms.�

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Now less than a year since taking office to mass popular appeal, any illusions that Barack Obama will bring any iota of �change� have been totally and utterly dispelled. Now, even Obama�s seemingly inexhaustible popularity appears to be plummeting. There will be no �exit strategies� or �withdrawals,� regardless of Obama�s false promises, and there will be no �change,� and no hope.

The world instead faces yet another desperate round of mass murder, atrocities, and insanity for military control of the Eurasian subcontinent; the �Grand Chessboard� as named by Zbigniew Brzezinski (who is, not coincidentally, an Obama advisor).

A desperate Anglo-American empire in crisis, facing the fact of world energy depletion and structural collapse, lurches again for post-9/11 redux: more desperate war, more bloodshed, for control of the region�s oil and gas, oil and gas pipelines, opium and heroin, and to militarily and politically fend off Russia and China. More criminal politics, exemplified by the support of known US intelligence/oil asset Hamid Karzai, and his opium lord brother, while squashing all legitimate political resistance to foreign occupation (all labeled as �terrorists�). And Obama will continue to foist the lie of the 9/11 false flag operation to justify all of it, just as he has done since before he was (s)elected

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For the true geostrategic agenda behind war in Afghanistan/Pakistan and Eurasia, it has been exhaustively detailed for years, in such as Michel Chossudovsky�s America�s �War on Terrorism� and Mike Ruppert�s Crossing the Rubicon, and in such recent analysis as the following:

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