The Lighter Side
Something you might not know about John McCain
By Kerry Tomasi
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Sep 4, 2008, 00:09

I do a lot more research than most, far more than I should, actually, and I recently came across something on John McCain that took me by surprise; something I�m sure the vast majority are unaware of.

Did you know McCain was a POW during the Vietnam war?

No, it�s true. For 5� years. I checked it out on Snopes just to be certain.

The reason hardly anyone has heard of this is because McCain has kept a pretty tight lid on it, doesn�t like to discuss it at all, and has always felt that it would dishonor the service of so many of our veterans and fallen troops if he were to leverage his POW experience in a cheap and tawdry political manner. That�s why there�s a virtual media blackout on it, why you�re not likely to hear a word about this at the RNC convention, and why it took quite a bit of Googling just to uncover this factual tidbit.

So now, at least, you folks know.

And even though it goes against his incredibly honorable �let�s not leverage this� philosophy, I think it�s a good idea to forward this info to all those fence sitters out there.

If people only knew what type of character he really is, it might make all the difference.

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