Heating up the Cold War
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jul 25, 2008, 00:24

You think I�m crazy? It was over years ago? But after all, who is competing for the oil to heat our houses, run our cars, turn the wheels of industry and trucks to deliver food? Why it�s Russia and China, both reconstituted post Cold War One to meet us on the present drawing board for Cold War Two, which will be very cold if they keep getting Iran and other OPEC countries to supply them, outbidding us in the oil marketplace, to power the largest combined population in the world.

Oh, and I did mention our deflating dollar, whose billions in debt China and Russia hold?

Russia has sewn up the Caspian region�s oil and gas, being the big neighbor to the north. China to the East is waiting to suck it up as Iran/Pakistan/China pipelines pour the black gold and gas east not west, null and voiding the purpose of the purported War on Terror, paid for so dearly by 3,000 American citizens, 9/11 being our Pearl Harbor-like inciting incident, to take by force of arms the Midle East�s oil. Ah, but we have Israel to sit shiva with us for the dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, and America, and even to bomb Iran for us. What a boon. Not.

What a bunch of jerks would be more like it, sitting in the White House, with all their neocon friends, Project for the New American Century PNACers, Big Oil billionaires, Defense industrialists, Para-military contractors, Subprime desperados, Money-printing Fed, Tax Cut Zillionaires, Think Tank morons, Conservative Anti-Christs, the whole hoary group, now set to gang bang each other at the annual Bohemian Grove Ritual in northern California. Better them than us. We�ve had enough of their money-wasting orgy.

If you think I�m pulling your chain, check out my friend Karl Schwarz�s article Russian Energy Might Is Wilting Bush�s Dream Of Energy Hegemony. Yes, he�s got maps and charts, and all the stats and a few more articles like Alphabet Soup and How Do Americans Cleanse The Wound Of 9-11?. And he knows his geography way beyond the malls of each coast and how other people in other countries feel about us. He currently lives and works in Hungary with his nanotech company. But he can see over the hill. Curiously the Ameriphobes in DC can�t.

Unfortunately, their Ignorance, Arrogance, and Greed, the initials curiously of one of our more infamous insurance and reinsurance companies, has gotten them on the rest of the world�s Dumb List.

Do I exaggerate? Look around you. What do you see? General Motors on the brink of bankruptcy. Ford chugging behind it. Fanny Mae bending over for Bernanke, or is it the other way around? A crumbling health care system. Even a billionaire investment banker like Peter Peterson about to spend a billion to tear down Social Security -- like to make up for all the lost private industry pensions and health care. The vicious rich looking to have the world for lunch while the world, the real world out there, is ready to pounce on them.

Actually, the First Cold War grew out of America�s fear that Europe would tilt to the left. It brought us such post WW II democracy-saving institutions as Operation Gladio, with leave-behind armies of assassins, murderers, and terrorists, with caches of arms throughout Europe, to level their paranoid playing field. In other words, before the ink was dry on peace, we were in their creating A Strategy of Tension, i.e, screwing up any sign of a left-wing government. Of course, the Russians as well as the Chinese, being among the left-wing governments of the world, sensed someone was coming for them, like now. So they�re coming back. What goes around comes around, not just in California.

The question is did we really need this, any of this: 9/11, the War on Terror, the continued addiction to cheap oil, Star Wars, NAFTA, CAFTA, the North American Union, a One World Government, deregulation that tipped capital to the right, the far right, and beyond that, to the neocons. What also came with it was the bankrupting of Russia, reconstituting it as a market economy (with a Mafia flavor in the Stroganoff), turning China into a �free market� and slave-labor economy to survive, make Wal-Mart rich, and now with a tremendous oil thirst. And now both, superpowers that they are, look at us and see an A-I-G nation coming for the world.

Are they going to sit back and watch us blow up the mountain-rimmed fortress of Iran? Are they going to be cowed by a drowning dollar, in fact the symbol of a declining society; see A Short History of International Currencies [private website]! But its bottom line is that historically nations (civilizations) whose currencies steadily diminished in gold or silver backing, slid into decline and destruction. It�s not just �Show Me The Money,� it�s what�s behind the money that I can take to the bank, not just paper my walls with. The US dollar has lost 92 percent of its value since 1971 as its gold value was devalued.

The fact is we lost respect for our currency while the rich looted our Treasury. We lost respect for our own people, with hundreds of thousands of jobs exported. All this plus the disrespect we show to the rest of the world, starting wars like volley ball games, hurling bunker busters over the nets. It has all contributed to heating up The Cold War again. Believe it or not, Russia doesn�t like to have Bush�s �Missile �Defense� Shield� facing it. As Schwarz says, �That bogus �defense shield� is clearly and blatantly an OFFENSIVE threat to Russian strategic missile forces and cannot possibly stop anything from Iran, if, when and �never� Iran were to attack the EU.� A large percent of their energy comes from Iran.

So, in a way, I guess I�m echoing Karl�s warning to the people of America, if not the government of America, to wake up to what we are facing. Nobody likes a bully, right America? Especially us. That�s what we used to think we fought the Nazis for. But something got lost post WW II, and we started inducting Nazis and fascists into Gladio and P2, two secret, violent reactionary societies, in Europe and South America, as well. A so-called need to protect democracy has slowly eroded it to non-recognition.

What�s more, Israel�s Zionists, theoretically as a result of a historical anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, have now become a rogue government threatening nuclear attacks. Who profits from this terror? Does this really help America?

For awhile, post WW II we were known as the world�s good guys, the cavalry as Zeros and Panzers had attacked our wagons. What�s happened to us from the OSS on, what hath the CIA wrought? I ask them as one Christian (albeit lapsed) to another (seemingly deranged) Christian-centric group. Why can�t all these brilliant people play straight? Why are they double-thinking, triple-thinking everyone in the Grand Chessboard, as per Zbigniew Bzrezinsky? If, as P.T. Barnum said, �a sucker is born every minute,� they�re born here as well as �over there.� And the suckers for power we have in office are too dangerous to be there.

This is the bottom line of change. We can�t keep turning up the heat and not expect a Cold War to become a Very Hot War. Cooler heads need to preside. As in president, vice president, and on down the line. If Roosevelt had to look the other way at a gathering Japanese fleet in the Pacific and let Pearl Harbor happen, he had a clear and present danger in Europe which, with the help of rich Americans like Prescott Bush, was financed to the teeth for world dominance. Our Pearl Harbor, 9/11, had no clear and present danger. It had a unilateral, preemptive urge to strike and steal power, not unlike the little man with the mustache.

So when we say change, let�s know what we�re going to change to. In the words of that great altruist and close friend of the bin Laden family, GHW Bush, how about change for �a kinder, gentler America�? This present one is a one-way ticket to nowhere.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at

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