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How big is the Animal Farm?
By Gabriele Zamparini
Online Journal Guest Writer

Mar 27, 2008, 00:12

Kim Sengupta is the Defence and Diplomatic Correspondent of The Independent. On 14 March 2008 he authored the second part of an article which curiously had only the signature of his colleague Richard Garner, Education Editor at The Independent. In that article, Sengupta wrote: �Conservative estimates of the number of Iraqi civilians killed since the beginning of the invasion stand at around 85,000.�

You can read more about this here.

An ordinary example of how the state-corporate media keep denying the Iraq genocide and -- by doing so -- help the carnage to continue.

Nothing new, of course. The genocide denial business is the first priority of Washington and London. They cannot allow the public opinion in the US and UK (and the rest of the West) to know the extent of the horror they brought to Iraq. The word GENOCIDE still has a very strong appeal among the public and GENOCIDE is what Washington and London are responsible for.

If we had a serious antiwar movement, the main UK antiwar group would organise a boycott against all those media outlets that keep denying the Iraq genocide. The main UK antiwar group would campaign to inform the public opinion of the scale of the horror we brought to Iraq. Above all, the main UK antiwar group would inform the UK public of the propaganda campaign the major UK media outlets are carrying on against the UK people with the help of Iraq Body Count.

Instead Stop the War Coalition and Media Workers Against the War have invited Kim Sengupta, the Defence and Diplomatic Correspondent of The Independent, to a London rally called "How the Media Sells War and Why."

There is something deeply wrong when the antiwar movement is giving an antiwar stage to genocide deniers. This is the same antiwar movement that kept silent over the Iraq Body Count scandal, the source of that genocide denial Washington, London and their media use to carry on their agenda.

The question is: How big is the Animal Farm?

Gabriele Zamparini is an independent filmmaker and freelance writer living in London. He's the producer and director of the documentaries "XXI CENTURY" and "The Peace!" DVD and author of "American Voices of Dissent" (Paradigm Publishers). He can be reached at More about him and his work on

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