The Israeli Holocaust in Gaza
By Dr. Marwan Asmar
Online Journal Guest Writer

Mar 3, 2008, 00:39

At last Israelis are coming out of their military-chauvinistic closet and having no qualms about using such words as the Holocaust to describe what they are doing or want to do to the Palestinians.

While many in Israel are saying it was unfortunate for the Israeli deputy defense minister to use such a word, previously only attributed to what the Nazis did to the Jews, such semantics can only describe the real feelings of many Israelis and their political-military masters and establishment who are prepared to create another Holocaust to deal with the people of Gaza.

Although such a term has never been used in public, Israel has always stated Gaza was a problem that it wished it would go away, maybe thrown in the sea. But the Gaza Strip is a reality that exists and no amount of destruction, would wither away the 1.7 million people living there.

It is facile to say �shame on you Israelis� and would probably be of little consequence because of the effective current war that is being waged on the people of Gaza with the use of such a word by Matan Vilani, an outspoken army-general, which is chilling because of its transparency and the business-as-usual attitude it carries with it.

It is also facile to say that Israel has become a callous state because of its careless attitude that has been brought on by its military doggedness, and this is in spite of the fact many in the international community who would call its murderous actions in Gaza as no more than bloody massacres that either are bordering on the Holocaust or could well become one.

The idea of Israeli defending itself against Al Qassam rockets is small talk and doesn�t compare to the hell it is inflicting on the people of Gaza, and its encroachment into the Strip with its tanks, armor and soldiers, which speak of one more massacre in a series of wars it has inflicted on the Palestinian people.

What Israel is doing today is akin to that of a superpower fighting defenseless people it has occupied; a people it subjugated soon after it was created in 1948. Then the Zionists where posing themselves as the defenseless lambs, in reality however, they were as militarily obtrusive as they are now, a war-mongering pack of wolves who still seek to portray themselves as the innocents in sheeps' clothing.

Today, the term Holocaust is being used by the Israelis themselves and there does not seem to be any compunction in that. Sadly Jews and Israelis do not appear to have learned anything from their bloody history nor care, practicing the ABCs of their forgotten past on other people who had no role in the Nazi-Jews debacle.

The numbers of those Palestinian killed this time around, which include women, children and the elderly, are too difficult to pinpoint because they keep going up on an hourly basis as they are bludgeoned by military machines supplied by American taxpayers.

Within two days of gunship battles on Gaza, 32 people were killed, and then it doubled in the next 48 hours, whilst other figures -- 62, 80 and 100 -- continue to take their toll. According to a UICEF report, and only four days into the bombardment, 17 children were killed, including a 6-month-old baby.

This is not to count the hundreds of injuries as a result of Israeli bombings, shootings and general mayhem.

Nearly everyone, including the Arab countries, look with horror and bewilderment but other than mild rebukes, which are hard to come by, Israel is left to its own devices to do what it will regarding the Palestinian people, and which is a very dangerous situation because it means many countries in the world believe in their hearts of hearts that the Palestinian territories are disputed lands, not lands belonging to Israel, an entity that is only 60 years old, a novice in international politics that has managed to use the �Jewish aura� to influence Western states far beyond its size. Thus, what it is doing in the occupied territories is an exercise of right or so it is thought.

And so Israel�s Holocaust has become ours, used on us by them and repeated time and again in a series of bloody mini-Holocausts to break the Palestinians' will and desire and instill fear in them to make them submit to Israeli army dictates, but as Palestinians would say: No chance!

The situation has become illusive for the people of Gaza; they have become used to Israeli killings and pure acts of vandalism. They have been under an Israeli-imposed embargo since last June, effective hostages to Israeli vindictiveness but with no consequences for Israel. For them what is being done to Gaza and to them has become a battle of wills over land, territory, rights and existence.

Israel has dealt with the Palestinians worse than the Apartheid South African regime and even worse because of the inherent racism and the occupation that accompanied her entity and existence, a state on the land of other people.

This is why Israel will continue to fight the people of Gaza and their leaders; this is why they will continue to fight Hamas, Al Jahad Al Islami, Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and numerous other factions who will continue to be a thorn in their sides as the issue will never be resolved as long as long-term solutions remain mere figments of the imagination as Israelis are treating them to be.

Marwan Asmar is the editor of Jo Magazine, a monthly produced in Amman that mainly deals in local affairs and writes frequently on Palestinian-Israeli and Arab issues. From 1993 till 2003 he was the managing editor of the Star, an English, political, cultural and economic weekly, also in Amman.

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