Defining Israeli Zionist racism -- Part 6 of 12
By Kim Petersen & B. J. Sabri
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Jan 14, 2008, 00:53

SECTION 1: [Continuation]

F: Examples of Israeli Zionist Racism

As the guiding ideology of Israel (and a highly influential, if not guiding, ideology now in the United States), Zionism has concrete sides. That is, its basic tenets moved from being agenda items to a tangible reality. Yet, while the scope of the Zionist enterprise in Palestine is now evident: an exclusive Jewish state that is also the dominant military power in the Middle East, the wider objective is the accomplishment of the scope of American imperialism for world domination managed through Israel but with direct participation of the United States and Europe. Essentially, it is correct to characterize the ongoing wars against the Arab states as principally the Americo-Israeli wars with Canada and European states in ancillary roles.

To accomplish its own specific objective, Israeli Zionism adopted four measures:

  1. The attainment of an exclusive state for �Jews� through ethnic-religious cleansing of Palestinians;

  2. Expanding the boundaries of this state through the continuing occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, and claims over other parts of contiguous Arabs states, as the recent claim that Syria sold part of its territory to Zionist organizations under the direction of Baron Rothschild in the 1920s. [1]

  3. The reliance on the systematic use of extreme racist violence to achieve the objectives set by the Zionist Manifesto [2], as well as by the successive developments of the ideology of imperialism inside the Israeli ruling class; and

  4. Using American-supplied military hardware and technology to project the Israeli Palestinian experience to other countries as has been happening in Iraq, Lebanon, and Somalia, the latter of which is also a member of the Arab League.

The aforementioned Israeli Zionist measures in Palestine astoundingly resemble the American measures on what came to be called the United States. Through extermination and expropriation, British and European colonialists and their American successors exterminated and destroyed most of the socio-economic structures of the Original Peoples, and then declared them �Domestic Dependent Nations� (granting them US citizenship in the early 1920s). Likewise, European Jewish settlers repeated the American colonialist example as when the installed Zionist state granted the Original People of Palestine a political status called the �Palestinian Authority,� which in effect, is a copy of the American concept of �domestic dependent nation,� only it is far worse and more cynical.

To show how racism is working in the Israeli example, we relied on two sources: 1) Arabs Against Discrimination Organization (AAD), and 2) We The People Foundation (WTP). [For extensive listing of acts of racism reported by the AAD, please link through footnote 3. In addition, footnotes from 3 through 8, can be found in the same link]

Facts reported by the AAD

  • �In a moment of truth and courage, Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon admitted that the field investigation into the close-range shooting of Palestinian Iman al-Hams ended in failure. �Our inability to find the full truth in the field investigation is a dismal failure,� he said. In addition to launching a scathing internal critique, the Chief of Staff announced that despite recently published reports of serious behavior on the part of Israeli soldiers in the territories, �We should not take field investigations out of the army's purvey. . . . etc.� [Read complete report at footnote 4]

  • "Yesterday 117 olive trees were uprooted from a Palestinian-owned orchard in the Jayyus village near the Tzofin settlement next to Qalqaliya. The owners of a quarry surrounding the orchard on all sides and the residents of the Tzofin settlement, whose structural plan puts the orchard inside the settlement, are contesting the Palestinians' ownership of this land. Despite clashes with the owners of the quarry and the settlers, the Palestinians continue to cultivate the orchard. Recently, the Civil Administration announced that the land on which the olive trees are planted is the private property of Mohammed Salim, a resident of Jayyus village. The people of Jayyus said that dozens of settlers, some of them armed, came yesterday morning to the olive grove, which is located west of the separation wall. A bulldozer began uprooting olive trees planted there.� [Read complete report at footnote 5]

  • �Today (December 13) a strongly worded public confrontation took place at the Herzliya Conference between journalist Ilana Dayan, the presenter for Channel Two's �Ovda,� (Fact) and IDF spokeswoman Ruth Yaron. During a workshop entitled �Society, Media, and the Administration,� General Yaron attacked Dayan for broadcasting a tape in which soldiers involved in the shooting death of a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza exchanged words. Last night, Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon strongly attacked the program's operation team because of the story, broadcast a few weeks ago, describing it as 'false and distasteful.'� [Read complete report at footnote 6]

  • �According to statistics published by the United Nations, the IDF has demolished more than 1,500 homes in the Rafah are in four years of combat, leaving 15,000 homeless. Most of the demolitions took place in this area because the IDF wanted to expand the Philadelphia Corridor on the Israeli-Egyptian border to prevent the digging of tunnels for weapons smuggling and attacks on their forces along the border.� [Read complete report at footnote 7]
  • Fighters with a special naval force reported that they forced Palestinians to act as human shields for the soldiers, according to reports on Israeli Army Radio today." [Read complete report at footnote 8]

  • "'As for me, I wish the scum would die of thirst.' These words were spoken by a general with the IDF last night, referring to the residents of Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield, during a lecture he gave to reserve soldiers in Tzrifin." [Read complete report at footnote 9]

Facts reported by the WTP

The We the People Foundation [WEF] published an all-inclusive petition to the U.S. government to stop funding the state of Israel, thus stopping the violent practices of the Israelis in the remaining but occupied Palestinian territory. In the document, entitled �Petition for Redress of Grievances Regarding the United States� Unconstitutional Financial Aid [sic] to Israel and Occupation of Various Countries in the Middle East,� and after a preamble of 20 paragraphs starting with the word, �Whereas,� begins paragraph 21 that contains a comprehensive list of Israeli violations of Palestinians� human rights [10]. If studied carefully, each item listed in the paragraph is a screaming testimony of Israeli Zionist racism:

Paragraph Twenty-one

  • WHEREAS, evidence presented by Mearsheimer, Walt and Carter show the tax revenues collected from the People of the United States and sent to Israel are being used by Israel as follows:

  • Treating the Palestinians worse than cattle, detaining them at will for long periods at hundreds of check points (denying emergency medical care to those who need it and causing produce to rot on farmers� trucks, etc.);

  • Arresting, torturing and assassinating thousands without due process; destroying homes, orchards and business places to make room for new Israeli settlements and highways that are off limits to the Palestinians;

  • Keeping Palestinian cities under intermittent curfews, with confinements sometimes lasting for weeks;

  • Depriving the Palestinians of their basic Natural Rights to assemble, speak freely, travel freely, and to fair and public trials in civilian rather than military tribunals;

  • Imposing indefinite sentences of imprisonment;

  • Preventing free trade of produce and manufactured goods originating in the occupied territories;

  • Curtailing the supply of water and foodstuffs into the occupied territories if for the benefit of the Palestinians, resulting in widespread hunger and malnutrition;

  • Discharging untreated sewage from the new hilltop Israeli settlements into the surrounding fields and villages;

  • Closing Palestinian schools and universities; arresting educators; closing bookstores, censoring libraries;

  • Encouraging unemployment;

  • Intercepting aid meant for the Palestinians and using it for the benefit of Israel, including the razing of more Palestinian homes and the construction of additional Jewish settlements connected by limited access highways. . . .

G: Israeli Zionist racism in their own words

We divided the arguments in two parts: 1) general discussion, and 2) Zionist quotes

1. General discussion

No racism can exist and then persist without an intellectual substrate, in this case, ideology. Ideology -- acquired or assimilated -- is a conscious practical attitude vis-�-vis specific subjective or objective reality. Racism subsists for its existential continuation on a plethora of nourishing elements. No such element -- from whatever origin -- can compete with that one single source that feeds racism with unlimited rationales to exist, prosper, spread, and predominate: language -- written or oral.

Language expressing distorted, derogatory, bestializing and supremacist geographical, regional, national, racial, ethnic, political, or religious sentiments are the ubiquitous distinguishing marks of the ideology of racism. Among all ideologies of hate and racism, past and present, perhaps none can surpass the abhorrence, violence, and utter falsehood of Zionism. Incidentally, the wall that Israel built to isolate its ghetto-fortress from the territory it occupies in the Palestinian West Bank symbolizes the highest expression of racism. What else could it be except arrogant racism that makes Israel (which has colonized an additional fifty-five percent of stolen historic Palestinian territory since 1967) dehumanize the Palestinians with dependency on its economy by denying them petty jobs and turning them into starving, desperate prisoners in their own land?

Although Zionist racism in Palestine exists in countless forms (for instance, military occupation by itself presupposes essential racism, since it means 1) the subjugation of one by another based on disparity of force, and 2) incompatibility of objectives between occupier and occupied, a problem of method to qualify this racism does exist. For example, how does one track down what, when, how, and where Israeli or western Zionists make racist assessments on the Palestinians or Arabs, and how to authenticate their veracity?

It is utterly redundant to say that, in the age of instant global mass communication and of the Internet where reliance on information disseminated by websites is gradually supplanting all other means of information, we are confronting a situation whereby we have no choice but to wade through mounds of outright falsifications, false claims, fake news, and forged data.

Consequently, in a situation such as this where the mendacity of manipulated information is suffocating our desire to know the truth about events, being able to distinguish between what is true and what is false is not only difficult to grasp, but also requires to us to overdose on stamina and perseverance. That is because manipulation, alteration, disinformation, and corruption of authentic news, information, and historical data are nowadays rampant to the point of stubborn insanity.

However, despite the daunting task to verify sources and authenticity of information, a modest research into discovering who is behind a website and how the site presents its facts and self is the clue people need to make informed evaluations without having to delve too deeply into verification of views on the presented subject.

Conversely, while it is easy to anticipate with precision the information divulged by websites such those of the White House, Department of Defense, the Weekly Standard, AIPAC, the New York Times, the New York Post, ADL, the Council for Foreign Relations, and the Wall Street Journal, etc., evaluating websites that profess �accuracy� in media reporting requires a rigorous examination. Ensuing is a concise discussion on this matter.

Without a doubt, supporting an analysis by calling on reliable sources is a powerful instrument to validate specific arguments. Accordingly, to support our analysis about Israeli Zionist racism, we prepared a few quotations that may uphold our charge. However, since reasoned skepticism is necessary when dealing with these issues, we are compelled to pose a few questions: are these quotations reliable? Did anyone verify the source? Is someone trying to disgrace �blissful,� �innocent� Zionism maliciously? Are these �infamous� Arabs or �Jew haters� white American supremacists behind these anti-Zionist fabrications? Finally, since we are advocating accuracy, can we ourselves be accurate while putting forward a material that most probably is true, yet we need to verify further? Yes, we can; but only by adopting a strategy that allows for reasoned conclusions.

Hence, we have decided to re-produce these quotations and place the burden on the Zionists to prove them false. A caveat is in order though: as it is always the case, a contentious matter needs neutral, unbiased verification. For instance, where verification is in order, Zionists who wish to dispute a quotation cannot call for support other Zionists. An example of this: if the Zionist Organization of America wants to prove that a quotation we cited is false, it cannot refer us to a �study� done by the Anti-Defamation League. For us, accepting, face value, proposed disqualifications of quotations just because they emanate from websites or sources describing themselves as �guardians of accuracy,� means a recipe for intellectual disaster and a perpetuation of dishonesty.

On the other hand, shifting the burden onto us to prove the authenticity of a quotation would not work for the following fundamental reason: in the absence of ironclad proof on the origin of a quotation, the best way out is to see how opposing ideological forces resolve a specific contention. We will discuss this matter by studying two cases: 1) Barbara Kay (the National Post), and 2) Hungarian-Israeli-American author Raphael Patai.

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[1] Read �Israel's latest "land grab" against Syria - Rothschild bought 15K acres!,� Elder of Ziyon, 1 December 2007 and by Arab media): Translation, �Israel claims possession of land in the heart of the Syrian capital near the palace of President Bashar al-Assad,� Palestine today, 1 December 2007.

[2] A summary, �Der Judenstaat,� Wikipedia.

[3] Discrimination Against Palestinian by Arabs Against Discrimination

[4] Yariv Oppenheimer, �The army has discovered negligence and apathy,� Haaretz, December 13, 2004. Available at Arabs Against Discrimination website.

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[10] Petition for Redress of Grievances Regarding the United States� Unconstitutional Financial Aid to Israel and Occupation of Various Countries in the Middle East,� by the We The People Foundation

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