More of 9/11�s amazing history!
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 24, 2007, 01:53

After writing 9/11�s history of tragic events, I received a stream of reader emails detailing events I�d missed. The most notable and telling occurred on September 11, 1990, at 9:09 p.m., 11 years before the apocalypse. How are those numbers for coincidence?

The case in point was the date, time and content of former President George H W Bush�s address to a joint session of Congress and the nation, "Towards a New World Order," beating the World War Drum to jump on Saddam Hussein as he grabbed for Kuwait and all that Gulf Oil. It trumpeted the Persian Gulf War, just as 9/11/2001 played Pearl Harbor to �The War on Terror.�

In paragraph 7, the address states: �We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth [column?] objective -- a new world order -- can emerge: a new era -- freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace . . ."

If that�s not enough, it is �An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we've known. . . ."

And it is, �A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak. This is the vision that I shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki. He and other leaders from Europe, the Gulf, and around the world understand that how we manage this crisis today could shape the future for generations to come.�

What is most interesting was how GHWG was suckering the whole world into joining forces for his oil grab against a leader, Saddam Hussein, which he had installed as the Don of Iraq, subsequently providing nuclear, bio and chemical weapons (WMD) to aid in Hussein�s soon-to-be war with Iran, which would last for nine years, destroy a million Middle Easterners and displace another 2 million. It would also bankrupt Hussein, which would lead to his wolf-like slouch to gobble Kuwait, where he was, after being allowed to enter, pounced on by the World Powers, who also needed their fix of daily oil as well.

The philosophy is exactly the opposite of Junior�s, which led the US into the Iraq war against the wish of the UN and with a Coalition of the Willing that was like the bench team of the real team that accompanied Papa into battle. Also, Papa�s war had been sculpted not to be illegal, or preemptive, but a righteous reaction to the demonized Hussein . . .

�Vital issues of principle are at stake. Saddam Hussein is literally trying to wipe a country off the face of the Earth. We do not exaggerate. Nor do we exaggerate when we say Saddam Hussein will fail. Vital economic interests are at risk as well. Iraq itself controls some 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves. Iraq plus Kuwait controls twice that. An Iraq permitted to swallow Kuwait would have the economic and military power, as well as the arrogance, to intimidate and coerce its neighbors -- neighbors who control the lion's share of the world's remaining oil reserves. We cannot permit a resource so vital to be dominated by one so ruthless. And we won't.� And they didn�t.

Now watch how beautifully Bush Sr. sets up the myriad people of the world (even Muslims) following our leadership.

�Recent events have surely proven that there is no substitute for American leadership. In the face of tyranny, let no one doubt American credibility and reliability. Let no one doubt our staying power. We will stand by our friends. One way or another, the leader of Iraq must learn this fundamental truth. From the outset, acting hand in hand with others, we've sought to fashion the broadest possible international response to Iraq's aggression. The level of world cooperation and condemnation of Iraq is unprecedented. Armed forces from countries spanning four continents are there at the request of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia to deter and, if need be, to defend against attack. Moslems and non-Moslems, Arabs and non-Arabs, soldiers from many nations stand shoulder to shoulder, resolute against Saddam Hussein's ambitions. . . ." And here comes the One World United National Security Council backing . . .

�We can now point to five United Nations Security Council resolutions that condemn Iraq's aggression. They call for Iraq's immediate and unconditional withdrawal, the restoration of Kuwait's legitimate government, and categorically reject Iraq's cynical and self-serving attempt to annex Kuwait. Finally, the United Nations has demanded the release of all foreign nationals held hostage against their will and in contravention of international law. It is a mockery of human decency to call these people ``guests.'' They are hostages, and the whole world knows it.� And so it goes, adding that . . .

�Higher oil prices slow our growth, and higher defense costs would only make our fiscal deficit problem worse. That deficit was already greater than it should have been -- a projected $232 billion for the coming year. It must -- it will -- be reduced.� What, a mere $232 billion deficit? Why that would peanuts for his boy Jr. Bill Clinton would outdo that and leave a $260 billion surplus for Jr., who would blow that too in no time. And so, GHWB exhorts all . . .

�To my friends in Congress, together we must act this very month -- before the next fiscal year begins on October 1st -- to get America's economic house in order. The Gulf situation helps us realize we are more economically vulnerable than we ever should be. Americans must never again enter any crisis, economic or military, with an excessive dependence on foreign oil and an excessive burden of Federal debt.� Alas and alack, we are now even deeper in the crude do than ever, paying about $100 per barrel these days, after having torn Iraq to pieces, and buried ourselves in record debt.

But read the entire document yourself. The ironies abound, like the date and time of the speech itself. Going forward in time, four years and a day later, we find another head spinner.

September 12, 1994 . . .

Frank Eugene Corder crashes a stolen Cessna into the south lawn of the White House . . .

The sources below detail the circumstances, including that the �disturbed� Corder somehow managed to �evade� radar to crash-land on the lawn. The bottom line would seem to be: Even the President of the United States isn�t safe in his own house and (subtext) not above the power of the New World Order. Or was this a failed coup? The story goes on . . .

"September 12, 1994: A man, flying a stolen Cessna airplane, entered the prohibited airspace around the White House just before 2 a.m. After passing over the Ellipse, the man, identified as Frank Eugene Corder, crashed on the lawn just south of the Executive Mansion. The plane struck a tree near the South Portico steps and hit a corner on the first floor of the White House. President Clinton and his family were not in the residence at the time. Corder was killed in the crash." --CNN (02/07/01)

"Over the years questions have been raised about White House security, given that it is located in a major urban area easily accessible to pedestrians. Attacks on the compound, surrounded by guardhouses and a 10-foot iron fence, have been attempted. In September 1994, a small plane piloted by a disturbed Maryland man evaded radar and crash-landed on the South lawn. The pilot died and no one else was injured." --Cincinnati Post (09/13/01)

White House has been scene of attacks, violence many times

"Suicide was the apparent motive of the man who crashed his small, single-engine Cessna plane into the White House the previous month.� Why didn�t he just hang himself then?

�The air space over the White House is restricted to all air traffic (it's known as Area P-56, and helicopter tours through it are never permitted). But just before 2 a.m. on Sept. 12, 1994, Frank Eugene Corder, a 38-year-old truck driver from Maryland under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, flew a stolen Cessna 150L low down 17th Street, a block from the White House, made a U-turn near the Washington Monument and flew into the White House.

His plane struck the mansion two stories below Clinton's bedroom, although the first family was not in the residence then. Secret Service agents had to scramble out of the way, and the plane damaged a giant magnolia tree planted by former President Andrew Jackson. Corder was killed. His relatives said he had been distraught over the breakup of his third marriage and his father's death. He had reportedly said his life was so hopeless that he might as well ram a plane into the White House.� That seems to be a total logical disconnect.

�Radar didn't spot the small plane, and that fact frightened officials because it could have been loaded with explosives. There have been commercial airlines that have flown directly over the White House in violation of federal law; the number of such violations has doubled each year since 1996.

Trying to improve security at the White House, officials have changed some landing patterns at nearby Reagan National Airport. But the missiles that protect the White House have never been fired out of fear that they might strike a downtown city block." --Post-Gazette (02/08/01)

Flight of the Intruder; A disturbed man's crash on the South Lawn exposes the White House's vulnerability to sneak air attacks

"Frank Eugene Corder seemed to know exactly how he wanted to die. Sometime before midnight on Sept. 11, he stole [?] a single-engine plane from an airport north of Baltimore headed south to Washington, flew over the National Zoological Park and down to the Mall, probably using the Washington Monument as a beacon. As he neared the famed obelisk, he banked a tight U-turn over the Ellipse, came in low over the White House South Lawn, clipped a hedge, skidded across the green lawn that girds the South Portico and crashed into a wall two stories below the presidential bedroom. Corder was killed on impact." --Time (09/26/94)�

Who was Corder?

Wikipedia tells us, Corder was �An unemployed truck driver and honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran from Perry Point, Maryland, Corder had lost his wife to cancer several weeks prior to the incident, which is thought to have driven him towards suicide. Friends claim he bore no ill will towards President Bill Clinton and likely only wanted the publicity of the stunt. The President was not even in the mansion at the time due to renovations, but was instead staying at Blair House.�

Again, why didn�t Corder slash his wrists, take sleeping pills, leap from a tall building? How on earth does he find satisfaction only in trying to slam into the White House?

�He stole the Cessna on the night of September 11 and departed from Aldino Airport in Maryland severely intoxicated, which is presumed to have led to his later miscalculation. The plane was noticed by radar technicians at National Airport several minutes before he tried to steer it into the wall of the White House. At 1:49 a.m., he hit the South Lawn and died on impact.

�The crash caused a re-evaluation in security procedures around the White House, as the pilot had entered restricted airspace. Though the White House was reportedly equipped with surface-to-air missiles, none were fired.�

Doesn�t this sound like 9/11 and the Pentagon all over again? What with that strange White Jet flying around the White House, and good old Flight 93 out there over Pennsylvania, en route to possibly the White House? And did anyone ever see Corder�s body and check it for alcohol, cocaine, etc.? Is there a coroner�s forensic report? And then we have no missiles being fired from the most symbolically American building on earth, the White House, just as with the most powerful building on earth, the Pentagon? Ah, and speaking of the Pentagon, here�s a 9/11 event that reminds me of that fortress. Wikipedia again reports . . .

Ground broken for Pentagon construction on September 11, 1941.

�Colonel Leslie Groves was responsible for overseeing the project in 1940-42, and his administrative ability, drive and forcefulness led to his nomination to head the Manhattan Project in 1942. It is the highest-capacity office building in the world and largest by floor area. It houses approximately 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel. It has five sides, five floors above ground (plus two basement levels), and five ring corridors per floor with a total of 17.5 miles (28.2 kilometers) of corridors.�

But let�s flash forward to 1970 and something really interesting? . . .

Sept 6-12, 1970: Hundreds held in series of airliner hijacks

�Four New York-bound airliners have been hijacked over western Europe in an unprecedented operation carried out by a militant Palestinian group. Three of the planes taken over by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have been flown to two different locations in the Middle East.�

�One of the hijackers is dead and the other in custody after the crew and passengers on the fourth jet foiled the attack. The PFLP have demanded the release of three Arab dissidents held in a Swiss jail in return for the 382 passengers they are holding hostage.

�The hijackers took control of the planes in an operation lasting just under four hours:

�1220 BST TWA Boeing 707 from Frankfurt

"1314 BST Swissair DC8 from Zurich

"1350 BST El Al Boeing 707 from Amsterdam

"1600 BST Pan American Boeing 747 from Amsterdam

�The TWA and Swissair planes were flown to an airfield in Jordan and the Pan American airliner to Beirut.

Emergency landing

�On the El Al flight a passenger pinned down an Arab female armed with a grenade who was attempting to get onto the flight deck.

�Her fellow hijacker -- a male armed with a hand gun -- was tackled by a steward. Several shots were fired, killing the male Arab militant and seriously wounding the crew member, but the pilot was able to make an emergency landing at Heathrow.

"The captured female dissident was arrested by armed detectives at the airport and taken to a police station in west London. �

PS: �Most of he hostages were released on 11 September, and the hijackers escorted the remainder off the planes just before they blew them up the following day.�

So now the pieces are coming together. The White House attacked by a human suicide bomb in a Cessna. Palestinian hijackers stealing four airliners they subsequently blow up, some 31 years before 9/11/2001. It sounds like someone is reading from a playbook. Let�s flash forward. From Killtown�s 9/11 coincidences and oddities page:

September 11, 1997 -- Stratesec, Inc., a security firm where George H.W. Bush's son Marvin is a board member and who's contracted with the WTC, Dulles Airport, United Airlines, Los Alamos National Laboratories, goes public.� Well, he�s certainly public now!

"Stratesec was founded as Securacom (formerly the engineering firm Burns and Roe Securacom).

�Marvin Bush was reelected to the Stratesec board of directors annually from 1993 through 1999. His last reelection was on May 25, 1999, for July 1999 to June 2000.

�The company described itself this way: �Stratesec, Incorporated, is a fully integrated single source security systems company. The company provides consulting and planning, engineering and design, systems integration, and maintenance and technical support services to commercial and government clients worldwide. Stratesec has completed security projects for airports, corporations, utilities, prisons, universities, and federal, state and local governments.

�When Securacom went public on September 11, 1997, its prospectus for the Initial Public Offering prominently featured photographs of its clients the World Trade Center and Dulles airport, with a client list that included United Airlines and Los Alamos National Laboratories." -- Washington Spectator (02/15/05)

�(See also: 1993 - Marvin Bush joins Securacom's (Statesec) board of directors; February1, 1999 - Los Alamos National Laboratory develops voice morphing technology; 9/11 - Marvin Bush was in NYC near Wall Street; February 1, 2003 - Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United)�

And to round out a terrifying storybook even more, say goodnight, Bill . . .

September 11, 1998 -- Independent counsel Kenneth Starr sends 'The Starr Report' [not to the Star Chamber but one like it] to the US Congress accusing President Bill Clinton of 11 possible impeachable offenses. --Wikipedia

"THE FULL REPORT - 9/11: The full 445-page report from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to Congress." - PBS

And flashing forward one more time to the apocalypse, here�s a wretched wrinkle.

September 14, 2001 from Fox News

Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives

�Asbestos fibers in the air and rubble following the collapse of the World Trade Center is adding to fears in the aftermath of Tuesday�s terrorist attack. The true tragedy in the asbestos story, though, is the lives that might have been saved but for 1970s-era hysteria about asbestos.

�Until 30 years ago, asbestos was added to flame-retardant sprays used to insulate steel building materials, particularly floor supports. The insulation was intended to delay the steel from melting in the case of fire by up to four hours.

�In the case of the World Trade Center, emergency plans called for this four-hour window to be used to evacuate the building while helicopters sprayed to put out the fire and evacuated persons from the roof.

"The use of asbestos ceased in the 1970s following reports of asbestos workers becoming ill from high exposures to asbestos fibers. The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine�s Irving Selikoff had reported that asbestos workers had higher rates of lung cancer and other diseases. Selikoff then played a key role in the campaign to halt the use of asbestos in construction.

In 1971, New York City banned the use of asbestos in spray fireproofing. At that time, asbestos insulating material had only been sprayed up to the 64th floor of the World Trade Center towers."

This fact, that the Towers had to come down, may have turned out to be one of the major reasons the Towers did go down. They couldn�t have come down legally from internal demolition because the asbestos would spread all over the town, as it subsequently did. They could have been disassembled the Towers, but the cost would have run in the billions. Yet, a double airliner crash into them, propelled by �fanatic Muslims� at the helms, that would be another story, certainly an incredibly profitable story, from the people who brought you all the rest of these 9/11 stories, the New World Bilderberger Order. Ouch!

The question is, what�s next in the playbook?

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at

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