North American Union -- connecting the dots
By Kevin Parkinson
Global Research

Jul 26, 2007, 01:03

My previous article on this website explains in detail the lead up to the North American Union under the pretense of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the cleverly disguised methods the governments of Mexico, Canada and the United States have used and will continue to use to change the face and the future of our North American continent.

The upcoming, so-called SPP Conference in Montebello, Quebec from August 20-21 will bring the leaders of the three countries together to �ratify� the SPP, about which their respective citizens know almost nothing. This is all part of a carefully laid out plan, and is no accident. Our government leaders are not at all interested in discussing this issue with the people who elected them. Democracy with a different twist.

The media is complicit in this fascist act by government in collusion with the corporate multinationals, and have either refused to publish anything relevant, or have glossed over the entire issue in true lapdog fashion.

For further background information of the effects on Canada because of the impending North American Union, you can do no better than to read Maude Barlow�s �Too Close for Comfort� wherein Ms Barlow provides painstaking and shocking facts into the economic pillage that will affect all citizens except the wealthiest of the elite.

The purpose of this article is to analyze what else is going on in our countries right now, and then to determine what relationship this activity has with the NAU. I am stating up front that these arguments will be conjectural but need to be addressed.

Decline of U.S. economy

There�s no shortage of articles on the Internet explaining the �life-support� system that the U.S. economy is on. The Washington Post referred to the upcoming bust earlier this month. Stock prices and company valuations are set to take a fall and government may have to raise taxes. Interest rates are starting to rise, and the staggering debt-financed consumption in the U.S. will lead to massive defaults on mortgages and a huge �asset grab� by the rich. China and Middle East oil magnates, who will not permit interest rates to come down, are propping up the United States.

Predictions vary but we may start seeing major monetary shocks by December 2007, but more likely in 2008.

American dollar = Canadian dollar = 10 pesos

The Canadian dollar this week hit a thirty-year high and traded at $.96 American. It is expected to achieve parity with the American dollar this year. This will mean that both the American and Canadian dollar will trade for somewhere around 10 Mexican pesos.

I find this sudden parity of currencies to be extremely coincidental since one of the tenets of the North American Union will be a new currency. This is not speculation. It is part of the SPP agreement that will assuredly be ratified in Montebello next month. So, with the currencies of the three countries now closely aligned, it will be a lot easier to introduce a new North American currency, the AMERO!

United States immigration crisis

There are an estimated 15 to 20 million illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico, living in the United States. The administration of George W. Bush has deliberately allowed this to happen and is now doing a tap dance to stall any immediate action to resolve this huge problem.

The point is, if you knew we were heading into a North American Union in 2010, to which Bush is a proponent, why would this worry you?

All he needs to do is stall until 2009, and let the new president stall for another year. By 2010, it will all be academic since the �illegals� will become �legal� overnight. In the European Union the countries are virtually borderless. People travel from France to Spain just like people travel from Ontario to Quebec or from Vermont to New Hampshire. The borders will disappear overnight. The illegal immigration problem will disappear as well.

Passport issue

A prior Global Research article deals with the passport issue between Canada and the United States. The requirements between the two countries keep changing, and people are very confused. Now the idea of a �smart card� has surfaced and is currently be �tested.�

My sense is that, as with the imminent Amero currency, officials are stalling because there will be new requirements, or perhaps no requirements, since we will all become part of one North American Union, and would only require a passport when we leave or enter that union.


Other articles on this subject suggest that the general public will resist such huge changes, having had no input, information or rebuttal to the whole idea of a North American Union. By now, we should all understand that we are part of a fascist state since we are being denied ANY opportunities for democratic participation into what amounts to the most abrupt, fraudulent and pervasive change in our governance since Confederation.

The question is: how will the elite, the corporate rulers and the government leaders �sell� this bill of goods to the electorate?

Traditionally, instilling a climate of fear and using the tried and true �problem-reaction-solution� method achieves this.

Whether it be a thoughtful, well planned and executed economic crash, or whether some tragic and unforeseen �event� happens, a frightened population will always react to the problem and demand a solution from its government.

And lo and behold, the government will just happen to have a solution in its back pocket, something that has been in the making since former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signed the Free Trade Agreement in Canada in 1984. Since 1984 our governments have been working towards one final goal.

Welcome to 2010. Welcome to the North American Union.

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