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The new attack on the new Iraq, after all, it has joined the Axis of Evil
By Dan Lieberman
Online Journal Guest Writer

Feb 13, 2007, 00:28

It has become obvious to any international crime watcher that the new Iraq has entered a dangerous phase of anti-American activities and must suffer the consequences. In effect, the Nouri al-Maliki government has allied itself with the dreaded Axis-of-Evil. Just look at the record.

The new Iraq government is controlled principally by Dawa, a Shiite Islamic Party. The Dawa Party is propelling Iraq towards the establishment of an Islamic Republic, similar to that of the Axis of Evil�s most prominent member, the Islamic Republic of Iran. And, let�s not be fooled by the manipulative manner in which the Iraqi government pretends to have been democratically elected. Recall Hamas.

The new Iraq government has a member of parliament, Jamal Jafaar Mohammed ali Ebrahimi, who is a known terrorist. Jamal isn�t a retired terrorist, or someone who is only passing through Iraq for a physical check-up. He has been sentenced to death in absentia by a court in Kuwait for having planned the attacks on the US and French embassies in Kuwait in 1983 that left five Americans dead. Mr Jamal was elected to Parliament in 2005 as a part of the Shiite coalition that now governs Iraq. The U.S. government has declared that any nation that houses terrorists is a terrorist nation. Know them by their friends.

The Iraqi president and prime minister have conveniently overlooked the formation of death squads that have terrorized the civilian population. Although estimates of the killings vary, they seem to exceed the worst excesses of the Taliban and any previous Iraq regime -- which is quite serious. Iraqi police recently arrested an Iraqi health minister (name not provided) for supplying funds for one of these infamous death squads. The arrest came too late. People are already dead.

The Shiite dominated government is definitely allied with Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States. Iran has promised one billion dollars in assistance to maintain the new Iraq government. It is well known that Iran is preparing to manufacture weapons of mass destruction (where have we heard that before?) and is a threat to the entire Middle East region (where have we heard that before?). Any nation allied with Iran must be considered an enemy of the world.

The New York Times has certified the pro-Hezbollah and anti-Israel position of the new Iraq government.

BAGHDAD, July 19, 2006 � Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq on Wednesday forcefully denounced the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, marking a sharp break with President Bush�s position and highlighting the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East. --NEW YORK TIMES

U.S. policy defines any leader who supports Hezbollah and denounces Israel as either a terrorist, an anti-Semite, mentally incompetent, part of the alignment against the USrael (U.S. and Israel) peace initiative, or all the above.

The Iraqi government has created two million refugees in the biggest ethnic cleansing since World War II. The semi-permanent, if not permanent, exodus of Iraqis to foreign lands compares to the ethnic cleansings in Kosovo, Bosnia, and several African nations. The U.S. and its NATO partners have reacted aggressively to previous ethnic cleansings. Will the new Iraq be treated differently?

Present-day Iraq is infested with members and supporters of al-Qaeda. After the installation of the new Iraqi government, al-Qaeda militants crossed the border and entered Iraq with impunity. The new Iraqi government has been ineffective in reducing the al-Qaeda presence, which is equivalent to surrendering to al-Qaeda

More than 3,000 Americans have been killed in Iraq, many more wounded, and dozens have been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. The failure of the new Iraqi government to protect Americans in Iraq is either incompetence or collusion with militant elements. There is valid evidence for both explanations. In either case, the new Iraqi government must be held responsible for its failure to protect Americans.

The new Iraqi government has been unable to protect against suicide bombings that have take the lives of Americans in Iraq. The number of suicide bombings that have destroyed American lives in Iraq far exceeds the only two suicide bombings that occurred in Israel after the democratic election of the Palestinian Hamas government Hamas operatives were not involved in either of the two suicide bombings, and the Hamas government did not have sufficient power or control to prevent the bombings. Nevertheless, Hamas has been sanctioned and accused of complicity in the two suicide bombings in Israel. Characterizing Hamas as responsible for the attacks on Israelis signifies that the new Iraqi government is even more responsible for the suicide attacks against Americans in Iraq. The new Iraqi government should therefore be treated in the same manner as Hamas is being treated.

The evidence for including the new Iraq in the Axis of Evil is obvious. President Bush should perform his duty and rid the world of the new blot on the face of the global map. After accomplishing that task, he should make an example of those who enabled the new corrupt and evil Iraqi government to gain power. The U.S. president is obliged to remove from power those who supplied the funds and weapons that support the new Iraqi government.

A challenge to U.S. President George W. Bush: President Bush: Look in the mirror, and ask yourself, �Aren�t persons war criminals who are responsible for the destruction of Iraq, the deaths of more than 100,000 Iraqis, the wounding and hospitalization of many more, atrocities in prison camps, rapes and murders of Iraqi civilians, the creation of 2 million displaced persons and refugees and the destabilization of the Middle East? Shouldn�t these war criminals be subjected to international criminal court trials?

Dan Lieberman is editor of Alternative Insight , a web-based monthly commentary report. He has authored many published articles on foreign and domestic policy. Dan receives e-mails at:

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