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All the Bush media 'disassembling' can't bury the truth about Qur'an desecration & GW's gulags
By Frank Pitz
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jun 7, 2005, 14:26

It is, or it isn�t. It has, or it has not. It happened, or it happened not. �To be, or not to be,� whether �tis nobler for Newsweek to suffer the slings and arrows of Gruppenfhrer Rumsfeld, and Frher Bush or to quietly acquiesce and bear the arms of retraction.

Apparently the offending article in question did have the ring of truth, at least according to the admissions now coming from the Pentagon. Of course the keepers of the �Gitmo Gulag� can only find five incidents of �mistreatment� of the Qur�an at the hands of US jailers. These same investigators are quick to point out that there have been �at least 15 incidents of detainees �mishandling� their own Qur�ans.�

This story of the detainees� abuse of their own Qur�ans was prominently discussed on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) recently, as well as a majority of other news outlets. One can only assume that this somehow is meant to ameliorate the trashing of the Muslim Holy Book by those in or out of the American uniform. Kind of a �see, these guys disrespect their own Holy Writ, so we didn�t feel like we did anything wrong.�

It is a riot listening to�and watching�the various media talking heads explaining just how a Qur�an �inadvertently� happened to be �splashed with urine.� Now it certainly invokes one hell of a leap of faith to think that someone could take a piss up against an intake air vent�which just happens to lead into a detainees� cell�and refer to it as �inadvertent.� If the faithful inhabitants of Bush World buy that explanation, I have a wonderful bridge I�d like to sell them.

All of the media apparatchiks have been going overboard in their exoneration�s of Bush policies of torture and abuse. They are comfortable in this role of sustaining a folie a deux of apologia for Bush�s war crimes. And fantasy is what the media is adept at selling to the American (brainwashed) public. The �out of sight, out of mind� paradigm holds forth here because the majority of Americans have no clue about just what goes on between �detainors� and detainees. Whether it is your locally privately operated warehouse prison�or a gulag on a rock in the Caribbean�psychological one-upmanship is the name of the game. And no one does it any better than the psyops of Bush and Rumsfeld�s private secret police.

Strip searches, �bend and spread� for invasive cavity inspections, stand at attention without blinking, these are only the beginning courses in Torture 101. Wires attached to gonads, and garden hoses inserted down the throat�or up the rectum�when you get the hang of that your getting close to matriculation at Rumsfeld U. However, it is when you immerse yourself in the makeup of the detainee's mind that you can truly wreak havoc. In the case of devout Muslims it takes the form of defiling the Qur�an, simulating sex acts, exposing them to a naked female body all of these forms of torture are to a devout Muslim Haram, an Arabic word meaning forbidden or immoral. You can bet the farm that the folks who run�or outsource�our gulags are well aware of this and that is definitely why it is done.

When Amnesty International recently issued a report condemning the United States detention facilities in Iraq and elsewhere overseas, Bush and Rumsfeld became positively apoplectic and couldn�t spin fast enough. In one of Bush�s more ludicrous malapropisms concerning the report, we were treated once again to the famous Bush dyslexicon. �It seemed like [Amnesty] based some of their decisions on the word and allegations by people who were held in detention, people who hate America, people had been trained in some instances to disassemble [sic]�that means not tell the truth.� Bush went on. �And so it is an absurd report.�

As can be expected the Bush media had a field day with their condemnations of Amnesty International. The Wall Street Journal called Amnesty a �highly politicized pressure group.� The Washington Post opined as to just how it was �one more sign of the moral degradation of Amnesty International.� David Rivkin and Lee Casey�two lawyers from the right-wing Federalist Society�stated in an article published in National Review that the critical report �says much more about the nature of Amnesty International�and the agenda of similar left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs)�than it does about the human-rights record of the United States.� The head of Amnesty�s U.S. section, William Schultz stated for the record. �It is also worth noting, that this administration never finds it �absurd� when we criticize Cuba or China, or when we condemned the violations in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.�

Bush continues with his inane mantra of �spreading freedom� throughout the world, all the while intoning his stupid malapropisms in front of the camera. And it just never ceases to amaze me, a few million people honestly believe this bumbling idiot.

Whether it was P.T. Barnum or Police Captain Alexander Williams who coined the phrase, �there�s a sucker born every minute,� it most certainly rings true for me when I watch George Bush in action. There are an awful lot of suckers out there.

Note: I told the editor of Online Journal that my last submission was it for awhile, but I had to get this one out of my system. Hopefully if the editor sees fit I will be back here the beginning of July. We are moving to the high desert of Southern Nevada and a new phase in life.

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