California: I'm going to Darfur where it's safer!
By Jane Stillwater
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Oct 12, 2006, 00:49

How come nobody ever gets tired of watching TV commercials? How come nobody ever protests?

How come the same people who brag on and on and on about how brave they are for "staying the course" in the war on terrorism can't even manage to Just Say No to the endless stream of faceless morons who invade OUR living rooms every single night. Here we have all these strangers coming into our HOMES and trying to steal our money and our health -- a real danger to us and our families -- and yet these kind of "terrorists" are given a pass.

Given a pass? Hell, we willingly, joyfully HAND OVER our children, our spouses and our wallets to this Axis of Evil. What's with that?

The advertising industry has their hooks into America in a way that Communists never did or terrorists can only dream about.

But TV commercials aren't the only thing that has me running scared. According to Mike Whitney, Russia and China have just formed their own equivalent of NATO against us, plus North Korea now has The Bomb and the missile system to deliver it to California and eight other western states. And if THAT isn't scary enough, almost everybody in California is now madly in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who, according to Stephen Ybarra, is in the process of hustling my state out of $40 billion.

So. Sitting by the dock of the bay, what do I have?

I've got Schwarzenegger about to win the gubernatorial election, so he can hand over our future to the corporations and send us back into poverty where we belong. I've got Bush in Washington, who in the past six years has managed to totally piss off Russia and China to the point where, as much as they dislike each other, they have been forced to ally themselves against us. Plus Bush has managed to insult North Korea to the point where it is ready, willing and able to bomb San Francisco at the drop of a hat.

What do I think of all this? I think that if all this mismanagement of government and alienation of the rest of the world plays out, California is no longer gonna be the Garden of Eden. And if the current trends here continue, in the long run I might even be safer in Darfur. Or maybe even Iraq. Six years ago -- before America got invaded by election fraud -- would I even consider thinking anything like that? No.

PS: I'm actually serious about going to Darfur -- or Iraq -- or even New Orleans. And you should be serious too. For a fraction of the money we now have to work two jobs to be able to spend on the sugar cereals, fast foods and new cars that commercials have talked us into buying, we could just get up off the couch, walk out the door, go to some of these places that Bush and his buddies are destroying and do the tourist thing. Walk around and gape. Converse with the natives. Make friends. Why not?

If the Bush-Schwarzenegger tag team time line continues in the direction it's now heading, in 10 or 15 years, we will be the new "natives." So. Why wait? Get a jump on the competition! Before America becomes just another Bush-Schwarzenegger "Model Country," see for yourself what the future will look like. See it now!

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