The Case for Impeachment: A thunderous cry for Bush�s removal and why
By Frank J. Ranelli
Online Journal Guest Writer

Oct 11, 2006, 01:02

Richard M. Nixon, a president with imperial conquests of his own, once stated in 1973 that he failed to notice the 400,000 plus protesters outside the White House while he watched a ball game. Arrogance and an infallible belief that he was beyond the reach of not only those patriotic citizen�s redresses and grievances, but the laws of this nation proved his political demise. Thirteen months later, amid lies, spying and scandal, Nixon resigned in order to stave off an inevitable impeachment that had already begun in the House Judiciary Committee.

Thirty years later, in a repeat of an imperial presidency, this time run amuck on steroidal injections of self-aggrandizing megalomania, George W. Bush has taken the idea of a tyrannical despot at the helm of the Executive Branch to dizzying heights and abject lows in America in the 21st century. Bush is not merely a president seeking to increase the muscle of the presidency; Bush�s de facto administration has all but neutered Congress, usurped civil rights at a breath-taking pace, and, without a shred of credible evidence, lied his country into war. Now that 2,700-plus America soldiers are dead, 20,000 wounded and 100,000 -lus Iraqi civilians has been slaughtered, Americans want to know why and what we can do about this appalling blight on our nation's history and leadership.

Considering the Bush administration�s assault on our civil rights, the Constitution itself, American principles as we knew them and rampant republican cronyism, there is no shortage of books to read that outline the worst presidency in American history. In fact, there is a literal litany of them to read and depress one�s self over it all. The problem with such a plethora to pick from is you can�t read them all and many of them are either too dry, histrionic or too full of legal blather to bother with.

Enter David Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky and their book, The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office. Mr. Lindorff is a 30-year veteran of journalism and Ms. Olshansky, an attorney, is the Director Counsel for The Center for Constitutional Rights. Together they achieve what few other books can on this subject can: a lucid argument for removing the Bush cartel, without boring readers to death or burying them in lawyer lingo. Blending a mixture of just enough pragmatic history, clear-cut evidence and easy-to-understand legal language, the authors present a damaging case that clocks in under 275 pages, including the index and ample supporting documents.

After reading this all-important book that mitigates any remaining doubt as to why Bush should not be impeached, the overwhelming sentiment that most readers will walk away with is searing, seething anger. Angry at Bush, angry with Congress, and angry with ourselves as a nation for being so gullible. The book is charged with six impeachment articles of tenable and irrefutable evidence that Bush personifies exactly what the framers had in mind when they included Article II, Section 4 in the Constitution, which spells out the impeachment mechanism. Interlaced is a minor lesson in why impeachment is healthy to a democracy and damning, empirical evidence that illustrates the massive deceit and nefarious deeds of our 43rd president.

Whether you need to wrap your mind around the cornucopia of criminality by Bush, or find a friend or family member still in denial and who needs help grasping the grisly, grim truth about �Dubya,� this book does the trick in just 10 easy chapters. While the Internet, through grassroots efforts, has given rise to a thunderous cry for Bush�s removal, The Case for Impeachment, gives a mainstream voice to a venal, virulent presidency and a deep demand for the people-powered recall of a would-be dictator.

This book is more than a legal case supposition; it�s an indictment, supporting evidence and a closing statement that would convince any jury to return a verdict of guilty in the first degree! If you read only one book on why George Bush has trespassed against this nation, trampled our rights, freedoms and rule of law, this book is it! The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office can be purchased through or through David Lindorff�s website.

Frank J. Ranelli is a freelance political writer, researcher and author. In addition, he is an activist and advocate for the progression of peace and the advancement of the Democratic Party. He currently focuses his journalism on educating people of the dangers of the Bush administration, election reform issues, how the war in Iraq is immoral and why the impeachment of President George W. Bush is necessary to restore our democracy. His writing has been well received and widely published in a variety of news outlets and across the Internet. His "smartly-written and imagery invoking" articles have earned him such praise as, "Written with directness, strength, passion . . . It's great when it smacks, glares, grabs one!" -Ms. Joyce Benedict, Park Guide for FDR Historic Site.

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