It's all about choices
By Meria Heller
Online Journal Guest Writer

Oct 2, 2006, 00:30

Everyone is in pain these days. Physical pain, emotional pain, relationship pain, political pain, world pain, war pain, drug pain, pain, pain, pain.

I hear it all, 24 hours a day. I can feel it when I�m walking, driving, listening to the news, waiting for a table in a restaurant . . . it can be maddening.

So many problems, seeming without solutions -- crime, fear, pollution, starvation, murder, hatred, greed, terrorists and more.

In personal lives we don�t realize the effect the energy of the whole planet, the energy of war, the energy of starvation, thirst, disease affects us. What happens to one, happens to all, or is at least felt by all.

Crazy lately? Check out the world.

People getting murdered, raped, disappeared during the wars going on -- war and it�s 2006. As if we just landed on the planet and we are still performing the Cain vs. Abel myth.

People starving, millions without water or food. Millions without access to health care.

Millions getting brainwashed through education and the media to remain in fear and learn nothing. People without the initiative to get out of bed in the morning. People who can�t function without a pharmaceutical. Governments that suppress their people instead of loving them. Parents who ignore their children. Parents who abuse their children, robbing their souls at a young age. The list is endless.

All of this a result of choices. Yes, choices made daily and moment by moment by humans that have forgotten they can be free of all worry. People that have forgotten the beauty, wonder and abundance of nature. People that are so disconnected from joy they can�t remember the last time they were happy. People who are codependent and expect others to provide for them -- love, security, happiness.

Inaction and submission are choices. Taking a drug to exist is a choice. Taking a drink to be able to cohabitate with a partner make that choice. People who refuse to participate in life and expect others to take care of their needs make that choice. People who form opinions based on the lies and brain washing of the media, political parties or their religions make a choice. People who are waiting for their god, angels, extra terrestrials to save them are making a choice. All of it choices to give away their power to create.

I have seen this all my life. It is a planetary problem. The cancer of this particular disease has spread to all corners of the globe.

I spend countless hours pondering the reasons and solutions for the people and the planet. You see, I�m a happy person. I walk in balance on the planet. I can see it all, process it and still function as a happy person.

I think about children. If you look at a playgroup or playground of pre-indoctrinated children around the age of three or four, you will see something amazing. You will see that tossed together, strange children of different shapes, sizes and color migrate to each other. They play together, are attracted to their differences, and kiss and hug each other. They willingly share their food and their playthings. They don�t notice the color of the skin, the religion or political persuasion of another, they simply are one with each other. Why is this? They haven�t gotten into a �system� of hatred, fear, prejudice, competition, etc., yet. Once they enter a �system� the brainwashing and hatred begins. As they age, their parents pass along their fears and hatreds to their children to �educate� them. Children left on their own accord wouldn�t hurt anyone, wouldn�t even consider eating or abusing an animal, and cry when they see someone else get hurt.

Perhaps we should return to being childlike to enjoy the beauty and happiness on this planet. Perhaps we need to change our entire system. We can start with making schools places of love and peace. Safe havens from the madness of the world. Places where we can teach them how to care for each other and the planet. Places where they can be encouraged to develop their gifts and individuality. Places that teach them to think. Imagine how different the world could be in just one generation if we start at the beginning of life.

We can also choose to clean up our act. Drop the addiction. Become healthy. Become informed. Become an active participant in life. Love our children. Guide our children. Love or leave our partner. Love or leave our job. Love or leave our political and religious groups. It shouldn�t be a take it or leave it attitude; it needs to be a love it or leave it attitude. If whatever you are being crushed by isn�t serving you, and you aren�t feeling the love, leave it. We can stand for peace. We can really understand and defend �equitable distribution of the planet�s resources.� We can leave to love our neighbors even if they are on the other side of the world. We can say no to oppression, fear, guilt, war, terror, selfishness, greed. We can start using our brains and our guts to take a stand to all that�s wrong on the planet and stand for peace, love and truth.

John Bradshaw said that we carry our pain around as if it were large shopping bags full of bricks, without realizing all we need do is put the bags down! Consider that. Put the bags down. What�s in your bag? In the sixties they had an expression �got a brand new bag.� What will you fill your new bag with? Think on it, because your future happiness, the future of the planet and our children depend on it. �We are the ones we�ve been waiting for.� It�s time to make some better choices.

� 2006

Meria Heller is the hostand producer of The Meria Heller Show now in its seventh year on the Net, featuring uncensored news and interviews.

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