Hugo Chavez and the sulfuric odor of �devil� Bush
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Sep 22, 2006, 01:42

In an address at the United Nations, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez delivered a sober, scathing and articulate denunciation of the Bush administration and its foreign policy, and a dead-on accurate depiction of George W. Bush�s psychopathology.

The Bush administration and its affiliated disinformation apparatuses have attempted to counter-attack by deliberately highlighting portions of ��savage� anti-Bush language� (to make Chavez appear to be a wild man), while deliberately omitting the majority of the Chavez address, which consisted of a regional overview of the world geopolitical conflict and crisis being engineered by the Bush administration and its allies, and a call for opposition and justice.

The voice of the rest of the world

The full transcript of the Chavez address should be read in its entirety, from beginning to end, for its substance as well as its galvanizing tone. Skip the predictable US media attacks, the right-wing pundits and the brayings of Condoleezza Rice and John Bolton.

Hugo Chavez address to United Nations-Full Transcript

The timeliness and accuracy of Chavez�s worldview, not simply his strong language, has earned him ovations from common people as well as top diplomats and heads of state, from both �aligned� and �non-aligned� circles. What Chavez expressed was the voice of most of the world outside of the United States (a largely dead nation that has surrendered, through both acquiescence and direct complicity, to its tyrants).

In the speech, Chavez:

  • Exposed the Bush administration�s �democratic model� and �war on terrorism� as the Orwellian propaganda deception of a world dictatorship.

  • Correctly warned Americans that �the threat is right in their own house, right at home."

  • Correctly warned that non-aligned nations represent the peaceful opposition to US foreign policy all over the world, including a wide swath of the US populace.

  • Outlined the Bush administration�s recipe of hegemony and pillage through war.

  • Addressed US-led war and destabilization in Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, and Latin America.

  • Detailed ongoing Bush administration covert operations, coup and assassination attempts in Venezuela.

  • Detailed the US-led assassination of Orlando Letelier, and the harboring of terrorist Luis Posada by the US.

  • Proposed a four-point proposal to re-establish the United Nations as an objective (not Anglo-American-Israeli controlled/corrupted) body with the power and authority to resolve world conflicts, and stand up to the United States.

  • And called for the �dawn of a new era� based on resistance to tyranny and peace.

Chavez� language regarding Bush could be considered charitable, in light of the fact that the sub-human Bush and his criminal administration have repeatedly attempted to topple his adminstration and assassinate him, and replace him with a puppet willing to allow the US to seize control of the largest oil supply in the hemisphere.

With a Venezuelan election coming in a few months, there is no doubt that Bush�s CIA will certainly try again. Covert operations have intensified over the past year, and a new intelligence mission, headed by the despicable John Negroponte, has recently been established, an ominous sign of chaos to come. (Chavez has called Bush an �asshole." This is an even more accurate word to describe him and his entire administration.)

Chavez�s Chomsky mistake

Chavez began his speech by evoking Noam Chomsky, describing him as �one of the most prestigious American and world intellectuals," and urging people to read Chomsky�s book, Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States.

It is surprising that a political street fighter with the savvy and intellect of Chavez found the need to promote the work of Chomsky, whose weak, grossly deceptive and empty �structuralist� hand-wringings have been designed to deny systemic realities and real �root causes," protect corruption and criminality, and purposely lead gullible Left/liberal icon-worshippers into terminal intellectual dead ends.

This has caused telling ripple effects across the American political spectrum. Progressives have tap-danced, privately giddy over the Chomsky endorsement, while denying (publicly) any solidarity with Chavez�s �unacceptable language." Neoliberals (Democrats) have fallen over themselves to distance themselves from any of Chavez�s statements (giving the Bush administration�s Chavez-hating/baiting forces new life), scrambling to appease the massive and ignorant �America right or wrong� majority, shaking in fear over November election backlash from �Joe and Jane Sixpack."

The political Right, meanwhile, has had a field day attacking and demonizing Chavez, while wielding Chavez�s Chomsky endorsement like a weapon. Chomsky provides the Bush regime with another round with one of its easiest and most welcome punching bags. Chomsky himself is responsible for this.

Chomsky, to this day, denies the importance and relevance of virtually every major political crime committed by the United States government, from the assassinations of the 1960s, the massive Iran-Contra/CIA/drugs operations (which continue to this day, in many forms), to 9/11 and the �war on terrorism."

Chomsky, to this day, provides intellectual political cover for the worst political criminals and mass murderers in world history. To this day, Chomsky and many of his �progressive� colleagues and followers have institutionalized intense �analysis� of the many symptoms of imperialism (class warfare, racism, corporatism and greed, war profiteering, human rights tragedies, suffering, political hypocrisy, unfairness, bad behavior, etc.), while stridently avoiding the diagnosis of the disease, and its source.

Chomsky, to this day, fully supports the concept of the �war on terrorism," and Bush administration�s official propaganda and persistent lies about 9/11, ignoring (and attacking) years of evidence proving that the Bush administration and its proxies not only had complete foreknowledge of the attacks, but planned, facilitated and executed the attacks. Chomsky�s book, 9-11, is an abomination. Again, see "Where Noam Will Not Roam".

Chomsky is, in many ways, is one of the American empire�s best friends. Chomsky and the intellectual Left function like the best disinformation assets.


"Where Noam Will Not Roam"

Alternative Media Censorship

"The Defactualization of Analysis" (Nafeez Ahmed)

Left Gatekeepers

The fact is, the American empire (Washington, Wall Street, etc.) is built upon criminality. It is criminality, and always has been. This elephant in the living room is thoroughly deconstructed and examined by the likes of Michael Ruppert (the book Crossing the Rubicon, and From The Wilderness ), Michel Chossudovsky (the book America�s �War on Terrorism� and Center for Research on Globalization) and Catherine Austin Fitts, three of today�s true intellectual heavyweights, but it is completely denied by Chomsky and his colleagues.

Chomsky, a leading Left gatekeeper and Left consent manufacturer extraordinaire, is as responsible as anyone for the gentle gutting of what remained of American political Left since the 1970s (after COINTELPRO and other government operations had already cut out the heart of it). It has today been reduced to an empty husk, a bag of high-toned rhetorical flatulence and zero-sum activism, an impotent cottage industry, now incapable of (and uninterested in) the kind of genuine resistance needed to fight tyranny, the way Chavez and other anti-imperialists see the real struggle, not to mention the genuine struggle taking place on the streets.

In the end, in his actions as well as his bold words, Chavez has written his own book on fighting the American neo-imperialism. It is far more powerful and effective than any of Chomsky�s, which Chavez would be wise to discard.

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