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"Smoking gun" evidence uncovered in Ohio of massive vote fraud in 2004 election
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Sep 8, 2006, 01:09

(WMR) -- After the November 2004 presidential election, this editor reported on massive vote fraud, particularly in Ohio. The relevant articles are found here, here, here, and here. Sources within the U.S. Intelligence Community provided information on the financing -- via foreign funding sources, covert intelligence networks, and illegal pseudo-banking routes -- of programmers, election officials, and others to ensure that Bush and Cheney captured Ohio's critical 20 electoral votes.

Pursuant to a federal law that permits the destruction of ballots, including absentee ballots, 22 months after a federal election, ballots from the 2004 Ohio election were scheduled to be destroyed on Sept. 2, but the intervention of Columbus-based attorney Cliff Arnebeck and the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights with the U.S. Court in Columbus resulted in a protective order being issued for ballots and voting records in all 88 Ohio counties. This decision upset the corrupt Ohio Republican Party and its gubernatorial standard bearer Kenneth Blackwell, the secretary of state who helped engineer the 2004 electoral vote fraud coup in his state, who wanted to begin the document shredding process on Sept. 2.

Not only can the ballots and voting records now be used in a major civil rights case against Blackwell, in which he is accused of "inequitably distributing voting resources, suppressing votes, and spoiling ballots" in the 2004 election, but may also serve as major evidence in impeachment hearings against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when Michigan Rep. John Conyers becomes the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, if the Democrats, as expected, win control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Blackwell still clings to the fast-eroding stance that the 2004 Ohio vote was legitimate.

The reason the Ohio GOP was anxious to destroy the ballots and records is that they are rife with prima facie evidence of massive vote fraud. Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, a researcher who uncovered the evidence of vote fraud, submitted an affidavit to the U.S. federal court in Columbus outlining details of the vote fraud. Along with the affidavit, Phillips provided evidence of vote fraud, including "documentation of ballot tampering in . . . eleven counties." The most startling evidence of ballot tampering is a punch card ballot that shows tape affixed over votes for Kerry/Edwards. Other "stickered ballots" were apparently destroyed during an FBI investigation. The affidavit states:

"In Clermont County, eleven weeks of negotiations with the County Prosecutor�s office were required in order to gain access to the public records, and even then we were actively discouraged from completing our tasks in an expeditious manner. On each scheduled visit we were denied access to certain records and told to return another day. In the aftermath of the recount of December 2004, sworn affidavits were signed by three witnesses stating that they observed, on some ballots, white oval stickers over the Kerry-Edwards mark, and the Bush-Cheney oval filled in. The County Prosecutor�s office confirmed this in writing, stated further that there were fewer than 100 such ballots countywide (out of 89,822 ballots cast), and claimed that there had been an FBI investigation into the matter upon the request of Congressman John Conyers, but that the FBI report could not be located.

"In Clermont County, in the first 4 precincts that we photographed, with 3589 ballots cast, we saw not one stickered ballot. Board of Elections personnel have confirmed that these 4 precincts were among the 97% of the ballots that were recounted by machine in December 2004, and that the observers who reported seeing stickered ballots were observing the 3% of the ballots that were hand-counted. The Board of Elections provided a statement, in writing, that 14 precincts were chosen for the hand count because they were the smallest in the county, with only 2696 ballots cast among them. Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell�s directive at that time required that the hand-counted precincts be chosen at random. We have now photographed ballots from 20 precincts, including the 14 hand-counted precincts, and have seen only one stickered presidential ballot, in Pierce Township H. [ See EXHIBIT C and EXHIBIT D ] In this case, there is a white oval sticker over the Kerry-Edwards mark, and the Bush-Cheney oval is filled in with a distinctively different pencil than was used on the rest of the ballot. Also in Pierce Township H we have digital photographs of 6 ballots rubber-stamped with the word �DUPLICATE.� The Board of Elections has been unable to provide the original ballots or the stickered ballots from which these are said to have been duplicated, and thus the validity of the duplicate ballots remains unverified."

According to the affidavit, in Delaware County, Ohio, an armed, uniformed security policeman working for an entity called Global Security Services (GSS), LLC, headquartered in Severna Park, Maryland, interfered with the team of researchers who attempted to examine punch card ballots. GSS's web site says the firm is composed of "former career U.S. Secret Service and FBI Agents, Customs Agents, CIA intelligence and operations specialists, Special Operations personnel, U.S. Marshals, former state and local law enforcement and emergency services professionals." And in a revelation that supports this author's original findings that the 2004 vote fraud had significant foreign and U.S. intelligence links, including off-shore banking connections, the GSS web site states the company has "a carefully developed network of 11 affiliated offices in the United States and an additional 43 offices throughout Europe, Russia, the former Soviet Union and the Western Hemisphere. The network of affiliates and contacts also include a presence in the 'off-shore safe havens' found in the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Asia and the South Pacific." This author's November and December 2004 articles stated that the money for the throwing of the 2004 election was tied to accounts in the Isle of Man, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands (South Pacific), Nevis (Caribbean), and the Bahamas.

Evidence of the use of pre-programmed software to affect the election outcome was also discovered in Delaware County. Election officials said they allowed a "mentally retarded man" to corrupt the punch card ballots in record speed before they were run through vote tabulation machines. According to the affidavit:

"The chain of custody on November 2, 2004, could have allowed for ballot tampering in Delaware County. According to Board of Elections personnel, whichever party wins the precinct in the gubernatorial election gets to choose the precinct judge for the next four years. The precinct judges, unaccompanied, bring the ballots to the Board of Elections after the polls close on Election Night. In Delaware County, almost all of these would be Republicans, as Bob Taft, the Republican, carried Delaware County with 71.9% of the vote to 23.5% for Timothy Hagan, the Democrat, winning 121 of 123 precincts. On November 2, 2004, the ballots were driven to an underground parking area, where they were unloaded by teams of teenaged volunteers, including Boy Scouts, and carried into the Board of Elections building where, again, according to Board of Elections personnel, a �mentally retarded man� scraped the chads from the ballots before they were run through the tabulator. For the record, even now, 20 months after the election, we are not allowed to touch the ballots in Delaware County. They must be handled by county employees, one Republican, one Democrat. Moreover, there were 79,691 ballots cast on Election Day and, according to the minutes of the Board of Elections, the unofficial results were certified at 12:40 AM, only 5 hours and 10 minutes after the polls closed. The �mentally retarded man� would have had to examine, and clean as needed, four or five ballots per second, which calls the whole story into question."

George W. Bush is on the speaking circuit this week, bragging about America's "democracy" and why "terrorists" hate us. Bush, who stole two presidential elections, has no ground to stand on. Mexico's actual President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who saw his election stolen with interference from the same covert elements who engineered the 2004 election fiasco in America, has every reason to resist the illegal swearing in of neocon Felipe Calderon, a tool of the global banking class and neocon manipulators.

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