Ethiopia invades Somalia
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jul 25, 2006, 00:38


While most of the world is focused on the Middle East, open war between Somalia and Ethiopia, an equally significant and parallel event, has been bumped from the headlines entirely. Another nation is in the process of being invaded and occupied, with US approval, based on the �war on terrorism� pretext.

As previously warned, resource-rich Somalia, a key geostrategic prize on the Horn of Africa, has been set up to fall. Mogadishu has been brimming with secular militias and death squads that the Bush administration has openly backed and guided. Each side has (correctly) accused the other of connections to �al-Qaeda.� Somalia�s top Islamic leader, Shiekh Hassan Dahir Aweys is accusing the US of having ties to Al-Qaeda. (He�s right.) Rest assured, the Bush administration and the CIA are playing all sides.

Just as Israel is doing the Bush administration�s dirtiest work in the Middle East, US-allied Ethiopia conveniently serves as a US surrogate going into Somalia. Also, as is the case in the Middle East, the expansion and escalation of the conflict may provide another convenient opportunity for outside military intervention.

Against worsening realities of world energy depletion (Peak Oil and Gas) and a teetering world economy, the Bush administration is desperate to pull off an end run, simultaneously destabilizing four geostrategic theaters (Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Asia-Pacific). This is nuclear brinksmanship on an unprecedented scale.

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